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Well, here I am again trying to come up with a blog that I think people will like. Or read. Honestly, I think only 5 or 6 people actually read my blogs. Those are the 5 or 6 most awesome people in the world. After myself, of course.

I havent had what Id call the most exciting couple of weeks. Summed up, I went on vacation, took a needed break from MMOing, came back from vacation, started MMOing again and now here we all are.

The much more lengthy version is as follows:

Once upon a time, there was an Empress of the Sith named Mizzaroo. She played so many MMOs she just didnt know what to do! After a time she started feeling a bit of MMO burnout and decided to give them a break. At this time it also just so happened that she had vacation hours that had accumulated and she was told, ‘If you dont use ’em, youll lose ’em!’. So use them she did! A whole week off from work is what she got.

During this week, she slept, she worked on her truck and quads, she excersized. Most importantly though, she relaxed. With the help of a very lovely chick she met a couple months ago, she was able to take her mind off all the stressful things in life and just have fun.

When her vacation finally came to an end, she thought to herself, ‘What oh what am I to do?’. Then, like lightening, a thought struck her! She said, ‘I used to be a Halfling Commando! But I left because I didnt want to hurt the guilds renown! Now that decay is gone, maybe I can rejoin!’. So, away to Twitter she went to talk to Mr. Geoff Hanna about rejoining the Halfling Commandos.

After rejoining them, she ran around on her Halfling Paladin feeling like she could and should be more badass than she was. You see, Philaria was still a 28 point build. So Empress Mizzaroo took Philaria to the new Hall of Heros to do a reincarnation and upgrade to a 32 point build.

When she got there she ran into a problem. The stone steps were bigger than she was! Now, as a Halfling, shes used to things being bigger than her. But this was just beyond ridiculous! After a time, she shrugged then looked around to make sure no one was watching and crawled up the steps. When she reached the other side, she decided to jump down instead of climb. Unfortunatly, she didnt take into account her Heavy Armor making her fall faster and awkwardly. ‘AAAAAHHHHH!!!!’ *BANG* ‘OW! My face! I landed on my face!’ was all anyone who may have been around could hear echoing through the halls. During her reincarnation, Philaria decided to hang up her Heavy Armor and Longsword to become a Monk. When she was finished, she came to a frightening realization, all her equipment was completly worthless! She had no weapons or armor she could use! Sighing and shaking her head she headed back to Korthos Island.

When she arrived she decided to be magical and re do every quest she had recieved as a Paladin, but this time, on Hard! She breezed through them without an issue. Learning how and when to use Stunning Fist was fun. And then tragedy struck.

A month or so ago, Mizzaroo saw on Twitter, from Grimorde, something about how Amalgam and Lars Heyton actually HITTING each other and Heyton getting killed because of it. So, as she was doing that portion of the quest she payed particular attention to both the Warforged and the old man. Turns out, a little thing called “Turbine” hasent fixed the problem yet! Lars was killed, the quest ended. So close to completion. So annoying. So aggravating. Shaking her head and sighing again Philaria said aloud, ‘I dont know what the hell this “Turbine” thing is, but I refuse to continue running content until they get this crap fixed!’. With that, Philaria went into a, hopefully, temporary retirement.

After the fiasco on DDO, Mizzaroo was just bored. She didnt want to continue playing DDO, she had decided it was time to take a break from SWtoR, her sub on WoW had run out months ago. That left LotRO.

Now, she hadnt played LotRO in what felt like ages. Theres 2 reasons for this.

1: She burned herself out doing the Anniversery event. She had fun on it, but did so much that when it ended, she just felt completly and totally burned out.

2: Someone from her Kin wasnt too happy with her trying to joke and have a fun time with people in the Kin chat and complained about it, not to Mizzaroo herself, but the Kin leader. This made Mizzaroo upset. She didnt do anything wrong except try having some good fun. She wasnt booted, the leader was better(and nicer) than that. But the fact it happened at all made Mizzaroo a mixture of sad and angry. Afterall, maybe if someones so heavily into ‘Roleplaying’ that they cant stand to see people NOT roleplaying, maybe they should join a ‘Roleplaying’ server or Kinship that purely ‘Roleplays’, yes?

In the end though, Mizzaroo returned to LotRO. She decided to start fresh on a brand new server, Evernight(or something like that). She made a Runekeeper first, got reaquainted with the game and realized that she remembered everything just right. When the Helms Deep expansion hit, she killed her Runekeeper and made a new character with what were going to pretend is a great plan.

She started by making up a brand spanking new Elf Hunter names something or another(cant remember the name). When she finished the Introduction she decided to make her crafting vocation Explorer. It didnt take long for her to realize just how many changes this “Turbine” creature had made. Some of them were good, great even. But not all of them. For example, why did they make Tin a non mineable ore and only purchasable from a supplier? Other changes that are good included the ability for Guardians to wear Heavy Armor right at level 1.

Then of course theres the Skill Tree. Mizzaroo couldnt help but wonder, ‘Why is it that Turbine has decided to go all in with jumping onto the tree bandwagon?’. Regardless, Mizzaroo likes it. Shes decided to focus her Skill Points into the ‘Bowmaster’ tree. There is one thing about it all she doesnt like though. As you put points into the tree, at certain intervals, you gain a bonus! The problem? In order to gain the bonus, you have to pay for the slot. Now, Mizzaroo understands Turbine has to make money somewhere. But she cant understand why a person has to buy ALL of them. Maybe make the first 3 bonuses free then pay for the rest? She thinks that would make a better idea than how it currently is.

Her plan on Evernight is to finish up Ered Luin with her Hunter then make a new character, this time an Elven Champion, make them a Armsman crafter then Finish Ered Luin with them too. After that, she might make a Runekeeper and make them a Tinkerer so she can deck her characters out in bling and then again, finish Ered Luin with them as well. The idea will be to keep them all together with where they are and what they can do/use.

A bonus happened for Mizzaroo this week that made her so happy that if someone had been within listening distance of her, their ears would have started bleeding. Due to a couple friends’ generosity, Mizzaroo recieved a Winter Wolf Pup! It was almost as exciting as when she recieved her Kobold pet!

Well, thats it for this week. Mizzaroo had fun in her return to LotRO and she does plan on spending time on both Crickhollow(where her Kin is) and on Evernight. She also still plans on playing DDO weekends that she can because she wants to. SWtoR is on hold for a while. Shes spent alot of time and energy playing it and its about time to give it a rest for a while.


Evil Power

Everyone who says the ‘One Ring’ is evil, clearly hasnt met my Hunter!


My Elven Hunter!


Mizzaroos Song Of The Day

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  1. That explains why you said you were nekkid on Sarlona the other night 🙂

    I like the song – might have to go look up some of their other stuff.


    • Haha yup. Didn’t think it through. Got come monky stuff though 🙂

      And yeah. After forever was a pretty great band. I dig em.

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