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Coin carries her lame dagger but misses her short sword
Coin makes do with a lame dagger. But oh! Her short sword!

Coin Serf, Hagglebot with benefits, has only one real weapon that she uses. A +3 Shortsword of Potency VII, which she upgraded (at great expense!) with a Glaciation IX recipe during one of the Risia games.

She has other weapons, but they are mainly for show. Matching lightning shortswords, a Dreamspitter, that kind of thing. Looks cool, but when the spells are coming out she equips her slick little short sword and a shield (Light and Darkness) and nukes away.

Coin doesn’t play a lot. She logs in regularly, does my crafting and vending and so forth, she’s in the game quite frequently. But play for her is rare and is usually only on +Loot weekends. She can ransack an Epic chest like nobody’s business.

Or at least, she could.

Last night she logged in only to find that her slick little short sword which used to be minimum level < 20 is now minimum level 28. Or in other words, useless. Coin is level 21.

I don’t remember how much it actually cost. I don’t even remember if we were still using the gold standard back then; this was a long time ago. I do know that it cost a lot in terms relative to the time. Nine Risia Ice Games recipes, of increasing rarity, acquired and applied individually.

But that was the only way to get Glaciation IX back then, especially on a weapon that already had Potency VII. Later, when Glaciation and Potency were re-mapped to Spellpower, it remained a useful item for a level 20 caster.

Sad that her favorite weapon, the one she has been using for years, that cost her so much platinum to create, now it will never be equipped again and the loss is utterly without compensation of any kind.

I contacted a GM but was advised there was no fix. “Bug report it”, I was told, “we are working on a fix for everyone, not just for your one item”.

I am skeptical. I file bug reports all the time. Sometimes I get an email confirmation, sometimes not, but I’ve never gotten anything to make me believe with any confidence that my sword will be fixed.

Eventually I bought a Magnetism dagger off the auction house (A dagger. How disappointingly small and droopy compared to her short sword) and resumed my original plan of ransacking an epic chest on +2 Loot weekend.

As it turns out, it is not just my little short sword that has changed, it is loot in general. What should have been a Holy Burst Greataxe of Shattering is now a Holy III Greataxe of Sundering VI.

The effects are not only renamed, they are different. Holy III does +3D4 damage. Sundering reduces opponent Fortitude save as well as adding to player’s Sunder DC. Both of those are new, I think.

More loot runs yield more new weapons:

  • Frost V Scimitar of Deception VI (and confirming a suspicion, Frost V adds 5D4 damage)
  • Acid Guard V Docent of Hammerblock IV (DR/Blunt 8)
  • Electrical Absorption 18% Robe of Spearblock V (DR/Pierce 10)
  • Keen III (+1 crit range, +1 [W] damage) Kama of Bloodletter V (+11D6/D8/D10 damage on crit)

Electrical Absorption is all new on random items, but all of the effects are changed, every one, even the ones with familiar names.

Elemental damage now comes in a varying number of D4’s – Holy III applied 3D4, while Frost V and Acid Guard V both add 5D4 damage. Deception adds (scaling?) sneak attack damage as well as a chance of Bluffing the opponent. Hammerblock and Spearblock seemingly provide 2 points of DR per level of block.

That last one, Keen III, is the change that looks most interesting. I wonder if the new version stacks with the Improved Critical feat? The old version did not, making Keen rather useless. The new version also adds a [W] on every hit. Keen VI ought to be sweet indeed, even if one already has the Improved Critical feat and even if they remain unstacking.

Also, all of the loot was labeled as “Epic”, and like other “Epic” weapons does 2[W] damage (the Keen kama does 3[W]).

My older items were not revamped into new items. It would be difficult: does Holy Burst map to Holy III? Or IV? Are all of the old effects even supported? Is there (for instance) a Puncturing II?

Historically, Turbine is spotty about upgrading items that have been improved. In the past, they’ve occasionally just applied the update. Then they they came up with a scheme to let you apply a ritual at the Stone of Change to get a newer version of a weapon.

But more recently they did nothing. If you wanted the newer version you were free to go out and get it. From scratch.

The release notes are quite clear about it:

There are many new item effects and higher bonuses to find!
Randomly-generated treasure items have been improved to better scale up to player power at all levels of play. These changes only affect new items, and are not retroactive.

But minimum levels, apparently, yes it is okay to reach into player backpacks and muck around with those.


🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. The way that the minimum levels on random lootgen is calculated has changed and plus they have also changed the enchantment number on various things like Invulnerability (+3 now instead of +1 I think it was). Turbine really have dropped the ball with this and upset a lot of players with these stupid changes.

  2. Well, all I can say is: For the first time in probably 2 years or more, I didn’t even log on to DDO yesterday. I think that speaks volumes. These changes are so sweeping, and different from the old system, there is no way to know what works best, and what doesn’t for a particular build. And I find myself having to re-learn how to play all my toons again. Some of which I’ve literally spent years developing. And the worst part is, I find most of the changes being made, are kind of “MEH so what”, and generally make most of my builds less effective in some regard. For that reason alone, I find the whole “update” very frustrating. And honestly, it kind of feels like I’m being given the middle finger, for being a loyal DDO fan for so many years.

  3. I was skeptical about the new enhancements, but when I finally saw them on the live servers I loved them. But these new item changes. Blargh! I can’t even begin to say how disapointing some things were. When I think about some item nerfs I feel like screaming: Serenity Now!

  4. Yeah i am not in lov with the item changes.. But really random loot is mostly vendor trash anyway… But the promise with the ice games of WONT MESS WITH MINIMUM LEVEL was what made them attractive. If that is gone….

    I do have a few other games to check out i guess….

    Also i really dislike how we seem to be loosing that cool factor in a lot of things but namely in this case items. DAMN YOU SOLAR!

  5. The sudden change to ML on some weapons, to me, suggests that Turbine will adjust that back on a later update. It’s too sweeping and unfair.

    • Yay for optimism! And BTW, I agree. The GM said as much last night, although that may only to be taken with limited credibilty.

  6. Reminds me of when they revamped Cannith crafting MLs, suddenly half my characters were naked!

  7. I think, from reading the forums mostly, that the issue is that you have the old style of icy upgrade. It is considered to be like the real Glaciation attribute, so it effects the items ML. If I am understanding the devs, when Risia come back around you should be able to add the newer “Festival Glaciation” attribute form the last few events over the older Glaciation and it will correct the ML.

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