Mar 082016

An old post I wrote three years ago about a bug in the Turbine Launcher is getting all kinds of hits today – almost as many as Malicia.

People, this is not a bug. Turbine is moving servers. Repeat: not a bug. Just down time. Scheduled down time. That will hopefully make our game a little less laggy and a lot better .

In any case, DDOGamer is not the type of up-to-the-minute site to be much help with these kinds of things. Come here for useless tripe and inanity. Go to the forums or follow @DDOunlimited on twitter or visit DDO’s facebook page for down time explanations.

Here, I’ll save you one click. This tweet is about 20 minutes old:



Check this link for information, or this link if you have issues after 1700 EDT tonight when the move is expected to be complete.

Calm down people! This is a good thing.

Seriously. I was going to follow that with “trust me”, but I don’t even trust me. Some (small) amount of credibility is required and I have none.

Nonetheless, this move is a good thing! Really. Whether you trust me or not.

🙂 😀 🙂

What do you think?

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