Nov 102009

There are … 10?… armor skins that I see over and over as I run the high end content. Dragontouched, usually robe, outfit or plate. Icy raiments. The rare but occasional blue dragon scale. A splash of color from the new update armor, but it seems most characters are still better off in their DT. And that is pretty much that.

I am reminded of an old Billy Crystal line from SNL: It is better to look good than to feel good. *

(*) Wow does that video scream “Eighties” or what?

But back to the subject at hand: consider my bard Rancyd. The black dragon leather does give him an alacrity bonus on his repeating xbow, but it isn’t one that stacks, and he would be a stronger character in DT. But only a little. Meanwhile, the black leather looks a lot better on him.

A little stronger, or a lot better looking? Hmmm… I choose better looking.

For my ranger Mawry the difference is much more significant. She is really strengthened by getting multiple abilities in one slot via DT armor. So I have her carry two sets of armor: one for work, and one to wear around town.

Maybe this is a side-effect of playing the game for such a long period of time, but I am spending much more effort on character appearance overall. Many of my Turbine Points have gone for hair dyes.

I found that last sentence strangely hard to type.

No, I am not suddenly growing a fashion sense. No strange urges to sing show tunes, no sudden desire to buy tickets to Cher. But I am finding that I like my characters more when they look good.

“You look mahvelous Dahling”. Indeed.

What do you think?

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