Nov 272012

Coin Serf and her Glaciation shortsword
Apparently there have been issues involving weapons that were crafted with a Glaciation bonus during the Risia Ice Games Winter Festival.

“Issues” may not be the right word. Reports are that the effect is simply gone since Update 16, something confirmed by Turbine dev Feather of Sun in this forum post:

A bug in Update 16 caused this item effect to delete itself from items. We’ve taken steps to ensure that a similar bug can’t happen again.

I found the second sentence to be a bit … alarming? Confusing? Hard to believe? I’m not finding the right word here but if I did, it would mean “I am a bit skeptical that there are steps that can be taken to reliably prevent this type of bug and if there were, why weren’t they already taken?”.

But I digress.

The point is that adding top-level Glaciation to a weapon was a very expensive proposition. Adding Icy Burst to a weapon required three recipes and (300? I forget) Motes of Winter, and only one of those recipes was a rare drop. Superior Glaciation IX on the other hand, required nine recipes, two of which are rare, and several thousand Motes.

I know because my Sorceror Coin did exactly that, and it was hugely expensive as well as hugely hassle-y. Having such a difficult-to-acquire ability simply drop off your weapon seems like a bad thing.

Fortunately, there is a fix, although it too is cumbersome and hassle-y. Quoting Feather of Sun again:

I’ve spoken to our In-Game Support team lead, and if you submit an In-Game Support help ticket, they should be able to provide a reimbursement package of Festival Glaciation recipes and the number of Motes of Winter required to fully upgrade an item to whichever Glaciation amount you would like to.

You will be able to put Festival Glaciation back on your item when the Risia Ice Games return this winter.

We apologize for the trouble this bug has caused, and hope that you’ll enjoy what we have in store for the upcoming Winter events.

So there you go, a remedy, albeit one without instant gratification.

In my personal situation, I am unclear whether Coin’s weapon became bugged or not. It appears to still contain Glaciation. But it seems reduced, providing only 90 Spellpower, while I thought items that previously had Superior Glaciation IX mapped to over 100 Spellpower?

Probably I am just confused. I usually am, there is no reason for today to be any different than normal. Probably Coin’s shortsword is exactly what it is supposed to be.

I wonder how I find out for sure?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Geoff – this is turbine – they do most things – “OK” – but nothing well… certainly for them customer service is the red headed step child in their business plan – ignore the players long enough and they will go away… if that doesn’t work tell the players we’re testing the fix – and test it for a decade.

    turbine’s pi$$ poor customer service is what drove me from a subscription 2 years ago and crap like this keeps me from re-subscribing – yes I am one person and my little crusade against them means nothing to really anyone but me…. and maybe Rowenheal.

    Thanks for bringing the information to light… but I’m not the least bit surprised… and would be even MORE surprised if you indeed get the ingredients back.

    Good luck, but don’t hold your breath…. play the game and find your fun in it where you can.

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