Feb 202013

Lovely Tome
Tome Lovely Tome, How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways! One… Two…

Once again, the bits and bytes of a new update are flowing through the series of tubes that make up our shared internet, cascasdes of data gushing from Turbine’s Test environment (or QA, or Staging, or whatever they call it) to Production where it can dazzle and challenge us all.

I’m excited too, very much looking forward to Update 17, even though it is largely a rehash of quests we already have. Nonetheless, for the most part these quests are not just familiar but actually beloved, and there is also the matter of the entirely new raid.

Good times before, and hopefully, good times again.

Meanwhile, fierce Chelena Armstrong, the World’s Strongest Halfling, was out and about last night, cruising through the oh-so-easily acquired 125000 or so XP that one gets the first time they visit the Kings Forest. Yes, you read that correctly, if you go through the adventure area and find all of Elminster’s scrolls you will earn over 100K XP.

And so I did, not just me and Chelena but also my Gamer Girl and her cleric Kitaque, flitting from one scroll to the next – my Gamer Girl has the whole Forest memorized – solving those rare encounters that chose to appear and generally enjoying ourselves.

But one of those rare encounters leads to a Green Dragon. And a Green Dragon can lead to a nice pile of Green Dragon loot, including a couple of chests and the entrancing possibility of a Flawless Green Dragon Scale.

Soon we are engaged with Urklauth the Green, who is no match for Chelena, especially when accompanied by such a competent Cleric and small army of Epic hirelings. The dragon is quickly dispatched and looting commences.

Except, oh my, what is that? No Dragon Scale, but who cares, this is ever so much better, a +4 Strength Tome! What a perfect find for the World’s Strongest Halfling!

Technically this is an upgrade tome, +3 to +4, but who cares, it is also the only +4 anything I have ever received in nearly seven years of playing. I am thrilled! Chelena is thrilled! My Gamer Girl is vicariously thrilled!

It is thrilling!

And then it hits me. Ah hah, +2 loot. Pulling my first-ever +4 tome now is not a coincidence, especially from a Normal chest in an adventure area. It has to be the +2 loot bonus, yes?

Is this how it always is for people who buy Jewels of Fortune? Those who purchase them by the stack so that they can always be under their affect? Burning through great piles of Turbine Points just to enhance their loot randomization?

Is this what it is like to be the 1%?

I have visions of +4 Tomes and rare drops all around as I harvest far superior items from the same quests and difficulty that give everyone else deconstruction fodder. Capering about in my newly-acquired perfect kit, throwing damage about by the thousands, absorbing hit points like it doesn’t matter. Playing like a boss.

Nah, who am I kidding? I love my deconstruction fodder, I still get pretty good gear when I focus on it, and the best kit in the world won’t suddenly make me a better player. No, I’m not going to start buying stacks of +2 Jewels of Fortune. I am not the 1%.

And besides, I have my +4 Tome, so at least for the moment, I am every bit as flush as any Jewel of Fortune-enhanced adventurer in the game. Riches. Power. Top-shelf. All mine.

At least until someone pulls a +5.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Jewels of Fortune stack with +2 loot boosts…Those who buy Jewels of Fortune are wise to burn them on top end content durring a Loot boost .

  2. So, uh…as someone who constantly has (or attempts to constantly have) a jewel timer running (hey, I don’t really spend my TP from VIP on anything else, so why not?) such drops are definitely *not* commonplace, at least in my experience. Where I really feel the boost from increased loot tables is at the deconstruction machine. I can definitely say that trips to the item-grinder feel more rewarding with loot boosts than without. πŸ™‚

  3. VERY nice on the tome! Tirae pulled a +3 to +4 Dex one the other night… and passed it, ’cause she doesn’t have +3 Dex. Yet. LOL

    Personally it always feels to me like my loot is WORSE when I have a jewel of fortune going. I think it may be an evil plot to get me to buy more jewels to keep trying, but from now on I’m sticking to the ones I get from the Monster Manual.

  4. Ah well, my membership in the 1% has already been cancelled: someone pulled a +5 Tome last night

  5. Our guild had one golden night, running through High Road to the Inn.
    Our cleric pulled a +5 CON upgrade in a rare chest and a +5 WIS upgrade on the end chest.

    Much gloating followed

  6. Great article. I actually pulled a +5 upgrade tome for charisma on ee cabal in end chest. Better yet was as a end reward I pulled +4 upgrade wisdom tome. All this happened with loot boost.

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