Mar 042017

Your perception of reality is apparently not the same as mine. In PnP this would be important…

To clarify; two adventurers in the same room, at the same time. We are not experiencing the same reality. This really should lead to something bigger than it does. The wiki for this quest says to, “Enter the Tower and head North East. Approach the orcs, kill them and go upstairs.” Sad, impotent and empty; This quest deserves a stronger, more relevant-to-what-is-in-store, entrance.

I would love to learn that the behaviour of the images in this room are the beginnings of something new in the Developers’ bag of tricks. The idea of having an area or two that have Me seeing and interacting with something that is different from what others in the party see and can interact with is Very Attractive to my way of thinking …and DMing.

The shardy sprinkles in one of the images is more likely the result of different graphic settings between the dwarf’s computer and that of the human’s. Still, alternate colour paths depending on class, race or alignment might be fun to explore.

Please, on your next run or three through the Tower of Frost could you stop in the outer room and compare notes with your fellow adventurers? I would love to hear back. Let’s all pinch a gnome and make a wish; it is more than a passive, passing fancy of the dev responsible.

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  1. Oh, that’s interesting! Now I definitely want to run Tower of Frost in a group, have everyone take screenies and then compare notes!

  2. Randomly-generated food? How unexpected

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