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Is it time to take another look at guild renown ransack?
The previous weekend was a +30% Guild Renown weekend. My Gamer Girl just loves these, she saves up sagas for weeks (or even months) so she can turn them in all at once and get huge, huge renown points.

She’s quite capable of dragging us up two or three levels all by herself. She’s so good at it that I’ve written about it before.

But this time it went all weird.

It started out normally; we run about and see which sagas we already have and which we can realistically complete during the weekend. In this case, we needed thirteen quests or so. No problem! Soon we had all of the sagas complete that were within reach. Time to buy (expensive) guild renown potions and cash in all the sagas at once, watching the guild levels increase.


Mission accomplished! But then the weirdness started. We were running quests, and not getting any renown. I don’t mean “less than usual” or some kind of randomization scarcity, I mean none at all. Zip. Zero. Nil. Nada.

So I did some research, and game up with this from a Tolero statement in 2012:

Renown ransack has been increased. Previously when a guild earned levels in a day, it would gradually reduce the renown drop rates. We’ve increased the rate so that a guild can only earn roughly 3 levels in a single day. This should prevent large guilds from completely dominating the field in terms of levels per-day.

Some of the other statements that Tolero made in that same post are no longer applicable, but this is the latest thing I can find about renown ransack. Is it still applicable? Is this why we are earning zero renown even though we have bought extra expensive guild renown potions to celebrate the +30% weekend?

These potions last six hours. But we used them up in the first ten minutes.

Is that how things ought to work? Really? Because it felt very much like we should never buy those potions again.

Maybe now that we have guild renown weekends and sagas and expensive potions, maybe now it is time to take another look at guild renown ransack.

What do you think?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I’ve seen it happen that after you gain 1 guild level, the renown you receive after that is reduced by ~50%, and I was told that if you gain another level it’s reduced again.. maybe to a total of 75%? As far as I know it’s not possible to gain more that 3 levels, as you said. For my guild it’s never been an issue, we’re gaining at the most a level per week or every other week.

    I think it’s a good thing to have the limit, if renown was unlimited you’d definitely have some guilds owning the scene so to speak

  2. I think the limit is a good idea, but the potion that should be reworked. Offer a thirty-minute variant for reduced cost, perhaps?

  3. I didn’t knew it exist…

    Now that i know i hate it!

  4. Yes, the limit described by Tolero remains accurate, and your experience in not seeing renown after hitting ransack is expected. I don’t know that when we created Guild Renown Elixirs that our intention was to support min/maxing sagas in the way you described (leaving them all for a renown weekend, then topping it off with an Elixir to create a blitz of massive renown gain.) The typical behavior for these elixirs is to consume them then see the benefits over the entirety of their duration while questing normally (as defined by however you define “normal”.) Clearly, folks see the benefit of consuming one after completing sagas, and we support of that plan 🙂 , but it should be noted that if you wait until “perfect conditions” exist and then gain renown like mad, you may run into the cap.

    If your goal is to truly maximize the elixir and get every minute possible out of it, it may be worth playing an alt for a few hours after blitzing renown, then returning to that character when ransack has reset. That said, you – did – technically get a nice benefit from the renown, in that you received significant benefits from Saga renown rewards. It’s just that you planned ahead and got so many of them ready to go that you were able to hit the 3ish level cap per day in less than the duration of the potion.

    The community might well be able to present a case for a guild level daily cap removal, but there are design and other reasons why that cap is in place.

    • Thanks for the reply Jerry! If you still think the cap is needed, then how about Tholgrin’s idea? Shorter duration potions that cost less?

      • I think the reduced time potions to 30 min would be nice. I usually plan for what Jerry mentioned. I will play alts till ransack wears off. Takes a few days for me.

    • I, for one, agree with the cap. If there is no limit, then nothing prevents the massive/extreme farming guilds from making the new cap within days of it being released – this negates the entire concept of effort/reward and actually building something. I have personally witnessed a new guild go from zero to 52 in the course of a month doing nothing but farming renown from sagas – and that, I feel, is too fast for one individual. No exploits, just a pot before turning in three sagas. DINGDINGDING! Rinse and repeat three days later.

      Imagine an entire organized guild with no limiter – they’d go from zero to 200 in a week. No respect, no feeling of accomplishment, just “where did this 200 guild pop up from?”

      Keep the limit… but also, a short duration pot 😀

    • Also, when you suggested playing an alt for a few hours, did you mean “play an alt that is in a different guild”?

      • Yeah, or one that doesn’t have an elixir active and doesn’t mind giving up a bit of renown for a day while questing.

  5. I don’t think I have ever experienced this quite yet. I wonder if there is a way to pause any guild renown potion timers once the ransack has been hit that way the full effect of the potion can still be used? Although buying a shorter duration would probably work just as easily.

  6. My guild is 180 now, there’s 24-27 accounts active, so our bonus isn’t the max. It would take us @ 60 sagas with 200% pots and 30% guild weekend to hit a daily cap. We don’t 🙂 I think the lesson here is different % bonus pots maximize results for different level guilds. The biggest buff isn’t necessarily the one you need.

  7. There is a very lively discussion on this topic ongoing in the forums.

    But none of the arguments in favor of the status quo change the fact that my wife and I each spent two month’s worth of Turbine Points on something that only lasted 10 minutes. And that is just wrong.

    I get Jerry’s explanation of the event timing that caused this. But understanding why something happens does not make it right.

    Now that I’ve had some time to think, and read everyone’s responses (both here an on the forums), I think the best answer is to remove renown decay when you are on a guild renown boost potion. Not for the whole guild, just for you and whoever else might be on a guild renown boost potion.

    In case you are curious here’s the forum thread: https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthread.php/459374-DDOGamer-Is-it-Time-to-Take-Another-Look-at-Guild-Renown-Ransack

What do you think?

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