Aug 162010

I’ve updated my new Favored Soul to incorporate the lessons learned in initial playtesting and now she is New! Improved! Lemon-Scented! (and she also has a lot more hit points).

The change has made a really significant difference in her melee survivability. She is able to fearlessly lead the charge, zerg mercilessly, and still have time to heal whatever damage she takes. Except of course when I get too excited mashing the attack buttons and forget that she is a healer πŸ™‚

She buffs Shield of Faith and Nightshield, and keeps Prayer and Divine Favor on her main hotbar. She uses the latter two like attack boosts, and never enters a fight without both of them in place. Her favorite tactic is to jump-cast Soundburst while charging into melee, take out anything stunned right away, and then commence with general hack-and-slashery.

She dominates the kill count.

But – and this is a big BUT – I am not sure her domination is due to her build. The early levels of DDO are really easy, most characters can dominate if they play hard and fast. Plus I built her a nice sword. Really nice for her level actually, It is a +1 True Chaos Falchion of Pure Good that also has Icy Burst and a tiny guild augment slot that I fill with Flame touch.

The sword gives her five damage numbers on most attacks, and the bad guys just melt away. All she has to do is manage to hit them.

The fact is, she is built to be primarily a healer, albeit one that heals from the front line. I suspect that as she increases in level she will find that her melee ability is less dominant and that she has to focus more on healing to be of use to the party. My hope is that her melee remains at least functional, I can’t imagine that it will remain as top-shelf as it has been to-date.

But all I have is what I have seen from her so far, and that has been outstanding. Bottom line: up to level six, my new Favored Soul Beatifica is a huge success πŸ™‚

What do you think?

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