Sep 162009

For some reason, I am getting plastered with build-related questions and and favor requests. Geoff’s law of newly F2P games seems to be:

New players = New builds

(all the best laws are really obvious BTW)

Currently on the hot plate:

  1. A punching pure monk
  2. Something TWF, soloable yet party friendly
  3. Plus a forum post caught my eye discussing a ranged combat Favored Soul

This is fodder for a bunch of posts. Not to mention the builds themselves. But work beckons (ack more like commands) and time is precious… here are the highlights:

Monking it up

I roughed out a DEX based monk. I think it needs tweaking. I’ll eventually post the build on myDDO too but for now it can be found here. My fast thoughts:

The normal approach to a punching Monk is STR-based but I don’t agree that this is the long-term best approach, especially for a halfling. I went DEX. I am suggesting “hit a lot more but damage a lot less.”

Favoranger:  Favored Soul Arcane Archer

This worked out better than it sounds, and ended up with something that I propose is viable at endgame both as a ranged combatant and as a party support healer/Divine caster. The build is here.

But having said all that, I think you’d have to really like ranged combat to build the favoranger instead of just going pure favored soul all the way to level 20. The FvS capstone is the ability to shoot Searing Light at will! Tough to compete with that one.

Halfling TWF that is soloable and party – friendly

I got myself into this one by responding to a new player request on the forum. It began as a request for a good 28-point TWF halfling paladin build: a mythical creature that I do not think actually exists. It ended up being a discussion of how to min/max a 28 point character using TWF as an example.  I am quoting myself because I am too lazy to think of a better way to say the same things:

Or you can just go it alone and create your own build. One suggestion: figure out the one thing you want to do with the build, and then do that like crazy, even at the expense of everything else. When you are done, take whatever is leftover (if anything) to add additional capabilities.

For instance, if the thing you really want is a TWF, go nuts with it.

  • Max your DEX. Thats like 20 for a halfling. Your other stuff will suffer but so what?
  • Take only melee-related feats
  • Start with Weapon Finesse (so you use DEX to melee instead of STR)
  • Go Ranger (since they get the TWF feats for free)
  • Take only melee and DEX boosting enhancements
  • Pump all your level-up attribute adds into DEX too
  • Consider adding the Tempest ranger enhancement at 6th level because that is prime TWF material

Once the dust settles, see what attributes you have left over and allocate them to create other capabilities. Ditto for feats and/or enhancements.

So there you are, min/maxing decomposed into seven bullet points.

I love bullet points.

What do you think?

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