Oct 282009

I mentioned in a previous post that I had thrown together an “evil” Halfling favored soul necromancer. You can tell she is evil because her bio says so. Plus she looks very evil with darkly evil armor and a big evil-ish hat(*).

(*) It is a very evil-ish hat. Trust me.

I think her build specs are technically sound (click here for her forum write up). I would welcome any build review comments – whether posted here or in the forum – but I suspect that her numbers are okay. I am not so sure about her basic theme.

I so dislike cookie-cutter builds that I sort of handicap myself into playing these weird builds that all have one central theme or flaw or “thing” that is their core. I guess I enjoy it more if it is harder.

For this character, the “thing” is that she is only allowed to take spells from the school of necromancy.

I’ve already played the character up to level eight (here’s her character sheet). I like her, but she has some drawbacks. Mainly, her spells all have Touch range and are not very DPS-to-Mana efficient.

  • Runs out of mana unless I am really careful
  • Has to get close to her targets… too close!

So I use her like an off-tank; wait till someone has established agro, then come up flanking and spam Inflict spells.

She is very effective against mobs with high AC that cause trouble for the melees. She is also effective against other casters and targets with less HP. Her spells work even when the target saves, no one dodges her damage.

She has to Cure undead to death; if they have a lot of HP it can take an inordinate amount of time and mana. Her spell list is completely ineffective against constructs: put away spells, get out a shield & longsword.

I am hoping she will blossom when she gets better spells (Slay Living?). Right now I am concerned as to whether this build will be viable at end game.

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  1. Actually, they are very viable.
    While I didn’t dedicate myself to exclusively Necro spells (wanted to have Searing Light and Blade Barrier) – I leveled up a Neg-Specced FvS to level 12 on the beta server over the summer. A lot of fun, I tells ya! 🙂

    A high Wisdom FvS with Bestow Curse, Inflict spells, and a good degree of Spell Pen is just a fun build to run with.

  2. Thats encouraging!

  3. A true mutant, being a long time fan of mutants and mutant behavior please keep me posted on your progress.

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