Jun 252015

It's a trap!

So it seems that I made three errors yesterday that resulted in everyone (and by “everyone” I mean both of you who occasionally read this site) getting splashed with a slobbery mess of rage and hate.

My apologies to those of you who had to wade through it, and my thanks for those who posted kind words while trying to navigate the frothy maelstrom.

Without getting too weepy, here is what I did wrong:

I believed that a seemingly very earnest guy named “Hammertop” was a real person (although in fact he turned out to be a sock puppet of a person who uses the DDOVault account “Factor“).

I thought his issue regarding the DDO forums was real too, and worth discussing (whereas in fact the whole thing was an elaborate and unusually long-running troll)

When the topic started to generate more-than-expected heat, I thought I would be able to address it with honesty and transparency (uselessly, as the people who are raising the drama are really only after drama: intentions and facts are irrelevant).

So again, apologies to those who may have come here yesterday for a light read and bad haiku but instead found themselves hip-deep in ugly.

Tomorrow, back to inanity and useless drivel, like usual.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Geoff, I know you mean well, but I think you’re digging the hole even deeper by saying that Hammer and Factor is the same person. It would be nice to know where you are getting this information from, and why you believe this to be the truth. Making bold accusations like that without proof, will enrage the mob even more…

    • Micki, no matter what I post, those who don’t want to accept it will not. Unless maybe a video exists somewhere of Hammer typing a post as Hammer and then another as Factor. And that could maybe be shopped too.

      I am the admin of this site. I see everything about all of the posts made here. When I get two different people posting from the same IP, I expect they are probably the same person. Yes, yes, there are shared accounts, and IPs are not static, and blah blah blah. There is zero chance that someone would attempt to circumvent my blocking from an IP, release the IP, have it reassigned to someone else, and by some crazy coincidence have that other person also be a DDO player that by coincidence is also attempting to circumvent my blocking.

      Would it fly in a court of law? I dunno. Maybe. But it doesn’t have to. Hammertop is Factor.

      But like I said, people who don’t want to believe will find reason not to.

      • I see.

        I do feel like I’m missing something. Was it Hammertop that asked you post the previous blog? Is that what got it all started?

        Feel free to ignore my question if you’d rather not say.

        • I answered this in yesterday’s post. I thought?

          • Oh, I see… it was in the comment section on the other blog, I didn’t connect the dots.

            I am unsure how I feel about this. But I don’t want to beat this drum any longer so I’m gonna drop it.

      • Wow, so basically you have no solid evidence and are accusing Factor of being Hammertop – and, worse, you’re claiming that you were lured into a troll??? [Edit by Geoff] Here Blarph launches a personal attack. Clearly he disapproves of my handling of the Hammertop affair [end edit]

        I don’t think so.

        Go ahead and delete my post. That’s what cowards do, so I expect no less.

  2. Kittens eating popcorn!

  3. Don’t worry, Geoff. Some us never found ourselves hip-deep in ugly.

    As it is with all community forums and games, there are levels of maturity involved. I didn’t envy your position yesterday because I reckon you were forced into a situation you didn’t really want to be in. I’d just do my best to move on and realize that there is no pleasing everyone. Especially high-adrenaline forum-ers. I, for one, am very much enjoying your site.

    Thanks for all you do here.

  4. We all get sucked into the trollish nonsense now and again, don’t stress about it.

  5. Geoff, I don’t even bother to read all that crap, and that is just what it is. Don’t worry about it.

    In response to Ironmagin….a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men!!

    That should help Geoff with the getting back to the true meaning of DDOGamer, pointless entertaining drivel!!

    Long live the drivel!! Or as some prefer to call it the prattle.

    • Can I go one further? πŸ™‚ it is known that trolls will relish all men but are unable to stomach, let alone digest the Wisest of Men no matter how much relish is applied. Often, under the misguided belief that they can relish Wise Men, the trolls will maintain that the constant vomiting which inevitably follows is all part of the natural order of all things trollish and that no matter how much bile gets on our clothes, we should not take it personally. We are just being overly sensitive.

    • I prefer to think of it as a meandering stroll through the clouds of whimsy, occasionally touching on interesting insights or things that are to some degree at least tangentially relevant – but then, i tend to go with the much the same approach in my gameplay & forum posting πŸ™‚ And Geoff’s wanderings are always worth reading.

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