Apr 142010

My wizard Sparksy stumbled across this quest while farming for eardwellers in the Inspired Quarter. This is the second time this week I’ve accidentally found a new quest.

I had to step in of course, just to take a look. Wow, it is hellish in here.

This must be an Update 3 quest that I just missed? The quest giver Uriel (a Silver Flame Farcaller whatever that means) is just sort of stuck in the northwest of the zone behind some vegetation, on the way to the armor broker. The quest has no entrance, the quest giver directly ports you in. If I hadn’t had useless armor to vendor I might never have found it at all.

I’m not giving any spoilers here but I can tell you that the art in this quest is very different from any of the other art I’ve encountered. It has a decidedly Diablo feel to it – no real surprise, there are probably only so many ways to draw a demonic vision of Hell – but it has a black palette while Diablo always seemed to be drawn in red.

WotC's version of the Balor
WotC’s version of the Balor

We already know that we will someday be venturing onto the Chaotic Evil side of Shavarath; I suspect the existence of this quest means that day is coming soon, and a lot of the main artwork is already done. If you want to see what the demon update will look like, run this quest.

In case you are curious, I did beat the quest, but it was tougher than advertised and required a spirit cake. Only one, but still that means I didn’t really win. On the other hand I did figure out how to win including a nifty technique for the end fight that looks to me like it was intentionally built in by the developers.

I wonder what the demon bosses will be? The obvious choice is Type VI / Balor / Balrog.

Might want to start working on getting your Superior Fire Resistance items now 🙂

What do you think?

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