Jun 122012
Imagine a world where this existed
Inventory anywhere.
Think about it.

How often do I log in a character just to catch up with auctions, game mails, and inventory?

How much time do I lose at the end of every gaming session exchanging trash loot for plat or crafting essences? Or at the beginning of the next session if I don’t have time to clean up as I go?

How many characters do I have to search through to find that epic Shard that I just know I pulled somewhere?

I really have no idea why none of the major MMOs have made this connection and ported some of the non-playing portions of their game to a smartphone app.

“But but but” you are saying, “all of this kind of activity is time sink stuff. They want you in the game clicking away, it keeps you in the game.”

Pish posh. A smartphone app would still count as being “in the game”. You still must log in. You still must have an active account or subscription. It could even show ads (for those MMOs that require ads for their business model).*

* Turbine, you did not read that last line, just forget it altogether. It never happened.

All a smartphone app really does is extend the usefulness of time sink activities: now your user base can do game trading while at their daughter’s soccer game. Or driving (careful there!). Or at work.

Don’t port game play to the smartphone, you’d have to dumb down the UI to the point that the game would be useless.

Do port non-game play activity to the smartphone. You won’t be giving up anything, but you’ll gain the whole world. Literally. DDO anywhere.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. πŸ™‚ Oh, yay. I’m all for that. Now we just need an active app writer to code it (well I guess planning it and designing it would be good too).

  2. Samius Gurobo said the same thing on twitter a while ago and I agree whole-heartedly.

    There is a whole user experience there that Turbine could use to completely pound other MMO’s into the dust with.

    If they just supplied the API someone would probably build it for them. Look at all the other great apps built by DDO users we have, from desktop (Rons Character Planner) to mobile (too many to list!)

  3. luv it luv it luv it/gotta see it come to my android/wink….. just imagine/you could be on an alt and checking your mains mail! or check the alts gear to see if that item is an upgrade!

  4. Totally agree, they are (all) missing out on a huge potential feature. I do realize that fingering like this would take a significant amount of Developer time, and time = money, but such an app = more happy, less frustrated customers,and most importantly happy customers = even more money

  5. you won my vote also.
    not only wouldit ensure you keep your userbase very loyal. but they will be like free walking ads for turbine (after the developers costs at least). Finally we would have a sane idea what everybody does on the toilet with their smartphones

  6. This concept has been on my mind also…would love to see it become a reality. Already use the available solvers on my phone but would love to be able to do character maintenance also. Great post and good to have you blogging again!

  7. I agree, that’d be great, I already use DDO Sage for droid almost daily while waiting for … anything, checking what stuff I need to get, where can I get it and so on. For example Archamagi items, don’t want one bound to hat, let’s see what other options there are and at what min level and so on.

  8. I feel that there should be at least 5 off line tools for ddo.

    Inventory/bank manager
    Vendor access
    dps simulator/calculator vs customized Mobs.
    Char Planner
    Lfm checker
    Ship manager

    At least. Maybe a mini game of some kind even but that would be something way off the rails.

  9. One thing I would add to your list Samiusbot is access to crafting…it a necessary activity that takes a lot of time away from actual game play.

  10. Hey hey details tomorrow! Y’all are spoilering them πŸ™‚

  11. Meh.
    (But that’s me.)

  12. Actually on second thought I maybe don’t like your good idea. Now I can’t focus straight anymore because I constantly thinking how it should be there and how great it would be how it would make my day even when I am at my mother in law…..
    and isn’t there yet. you made me anxious for something that isn’t there πŸ˜‰

  13. But what about us really old fogeys whose phones don’t even have WAP! How dare you exclude us just becauase the technology curve ran away from us circa mid 90s…….

  14. Still rockin’ the Jitterbug there Domfig?

  15. Considering Im thinking about getting an iPhone in the (maybe) near future, this would be a GREAT idea! Id like to know how my auction bids are doing when Im away from the game.

  16. I would be ecstatic if there was a way to manage inventory/bank alone. AH? Crafting? Them’s fancy pants!

  17. MyDDO beta is already traveling down that path. On a good day I can see my equipped items and examine the in-game descriptions of those items. I can also get new items sent to my mailbox with the lotto.

    Once that stuff’s working it’s only a small step to add in the AH as yet another way to obtain items via in-game mail.

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