Sep 252013

Such a warm and cuddly Orthon
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The experiment in first-person view continues.

Oh, I admit to occasional cheating. Frequent cheating. Sometimes by accident – I am not used to keeping my finger off the zoom wheel – but more often because I just can’t tell if what I am doing is working.

On the other hand, sometimes I get images that I don’t know any other way to encounter. Like the Orthon above, doing his best Peter Boyle imitation.

I’ve attempted to capture the experience for you in video, but for some reason YouTube is seriously muddying up my AVIs. But here they are, for what they are worth.



I do love the orthon though. Cute little cuddlefish!

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

  3 Responses to “I’m Ready For My Close-up Mr. DeMille”

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  1. Orthons always make me think of them as the result of a torrid menage-et-tois between an elephant, walrus and rhinoceros. They’re pushovers to anything that defeats their Will score.

  2. I’ve tried first person some. Its certainly strange and puts a new spin on things. I found it to be best in the wilderness areas. With a repeater and runearm it’s a lot of fun

  3. I used to think orthons were evil.. but judging by his facial expression, it’s more like “chunk like you! chunk want to play! oh, why little people always break for chunk?”

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