Sep 052011

Casting. You just have to
hope the target hears you

Maybe I’m just bad.

I’m back from the mountains of Colorado, and the depths of LARPing. I survived, I saved the world, and I didn’t even sprain anything this time.

My character ideas worked out quite well too. I’ll post my character and backstory eventually in case anyone is interested.

Yet, I am unable to play LARP games without managing to plumb the depths of awesome and stupidity within the same game. Sadly or perhaps humorously, I am best remembered for the stupidity. This game was no exception.

First the awesome: our group encountered an angry divinity and his cohort of knights and followers. Truly badass, they were also being played by the better meleers in the entire LARP society. Here I am, brand-new wizard playing up to 4th level in a 4-6th level game, surrounded by badass meleers who are all playing badass Knights and Fighters.

I break out the spells and am surprisingly effective. So much so that no one could touch me; the team rolled up the bad guys like an old rug. The DM (every team gets their own personal Dungeon Master) pulled me aside to point out that this encounter would have been serious trouble if not for my quick actions.


My character - The Sun - and our dungeon master Pat

Me (The Sun) and our Dungeon Master (Pat)

The very next encounter – yes, the very next one – was supposed to be a role-playing encounter only with another angry divinity, one that is entirely too nasty to actually fight. All game long, every encounter and every NPC reminded us how important it is to be polite and super respectful to this divinity.

Except I forgot.

Bang, zoom, suddenly I’ve provoked a combat with the one encounter that no one was supposed to fight. I am knocked out immediately* and I lay there, helplessly listening to my party being wiped. Somehow, down to the last ranger, the correct words are said, the correct items displayed, and the angry goddess is mollified sufficiently to ease up and let the party lick their wounds.

* “Lightning Blast! 35 points! The mouthy guy in yellow!” And that was that, for this fight anyway, as that one shot left me unconscious and dangling to life by one tiny hit point

I am fine for the rest of the game, I play pretty well, and we win. Convincingly.

Guess which story was repeated over and over that night at the after-game party? “Hey there’s the guy that got his party wiped at encounter 8!”

In any case, I am back. Expect more useless bloggery to follow.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. You should have told them that you hadn’t run that quest before…

  2. Well it sounds like you had fun Mr. Guy! Fun is good =]

  3. Oh I had a _great_ time Mizz 🙂 So. Much. Fun!

  4. Haha. Well thats Very. Very. Good. 😀

  5. I so want to LARP right now.

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