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Turbine is planning ahead for DDO’s 10th anniversary celebration – and well they should! Ten years! – and part of whatever it is that they are doing involves you. Or at least, it involves your tips.

Cordovan, Turbine’s DDO community manager, has started a thread titled “DDO’s 10-Year Celebration: Help us do a thing!”, in which he is soliciting our best tips. Except he wants them attributed to a specific character; in-character tips?

I wasn’t sure what kinds of tips to include. Newbie tips, like “Don’t get too attached to your first version of your first character; you’ll want to redo it several times” ? Or meta-game tips like “Put your most common actions in the first hotbar so you can instantly access them using the numbers 1 to 10” ?

Cordovan’s request for tips specifies in-game tips:

What advice or comment would your character like to tell the world of Dungeons & Dragons Online in-game?

Emphasis added, but still, it does specify “in-game”. Later in the message he clarifies further:

This needs to be an in-game tip, advice, or comment, so while we can be a bit flexible, try to not break the “fourth wall”. “Hjeal me!” is good. “You can find maps on the DDO Wiki”, while accurate, won’t fit. “You can get lumps of coal by killing Duergar!” works great.

So that settles that.

After more thought than I generally like to put into these kinds of things, I went for tips that the character itself might give to other characters. In-character tips. I entered two:

Never trust anyone, or anything that is more than 4′ tall. — Mawry Haversack, Halfling Commando (Sarlona)

Axes do not cause problems; axes solve them. — Knicker Tan, Sarlona

I may add more, if I think of any, I am not particularly proud of the ones I’ve added to-date, and this does not seem to be one of those one-entry-per-person kinds of things.

What tips would your characters give out? Maybe after a couple of pints in the Leaky Dingy?

The entry period for these tips to be included in whatever it is that Turbine is doing is today – which means do it now, before you forget, as the deadline is already here.

Here’s the link again.

Happy tipping everyone!

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  9 Responses to “If Your Character Could Talk To A Newbie, What Might She Say?”

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  1. Do know allow archers to shot through your cleric as this will pull aggro. The rogue has evasion. You do not.

  2. Will be interesting to see what this “thing” is.. I have a feeling it might be a revamp of the loading screen tips, but that’s just gut reaction, I don’t think it’s NDA-breaking to say that we *don’t* have any info on a subject!

  3. Oh oh! My other biggie! Never take a rez inside a gelatinous cube. It will not end well. And you may end up in blog post from doing so.

    • Hehe, I like that one, also don’t take a raise in lava, a trap, the middle of a mob of 50 monsters … the list goes on πŸ™‚

  4. I have no plans to enter, but this looks like a fun game πŸ™‚

    Names and locations redacted to “protect” identities…

    “Clerics can’t heal stupid.”
    “Rogues are DPS too!”
    “Sneak attack always bypasses DR!”
    “It’s not my job to hit things, it’s my job to make sure the rest of you can.”
    “Everyone’s addicted to Haste.”
    “It’s often more economical to keep people alive, than to raise and rebuff them…”

    I’m sure these have all been used, but they are some I remember from one of my guilds πŸ™‚

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