Dec 182015

You'll Go Blind
So there I am, harmlessly playing away on my new Mandatory Healer build – which happens to be Brymn Haversack, guild leader of the Halfling Commandos – when I start getting this strange video blip.

I’ll be fighting away (or more accurately, shield-blocking away while furiously healing everything around me, because that is what the Mandatory Healer does) when suddenly my screen goes dark. Only for a moment, one so brief that I wonder if I just imagined it.

Except no, it did it again. What? Am I having video card issues? What?

I have a decently modern video card, and normally when it is having problems, it tells me. You know, error dialog messages and the like, or sudden screen freezes followed by apologetic notices that the video card had to restart. Or something.

But not this time, none of that.


I try a DDO client restart, and that seems to work. For awhile. Then suddenly I am in another melee mess, healing and being hit and so forth, and it happens again! Maybe I need to reboot the whole system?

Except, whatever it is, it is only happening in my game window. My other screens are fine, the web is still browsing, Cortana is still brightly listening for whatever commands I may utter, everything is fine. Just fine. Except for DDO.

Everything is fine until the blips start about 20 seconds in

Nonetheless, reboots often fix inexplicable weirdness, no reason not to try another. And like before, this one seems to work! But only for awhile. Before long I am in another fight and going dark again.

Some fights I am just fine, no darkness. Other fights I can hardly move without causing the blackout. So intermittent! So unpredictable! So … random!?

Wait a minute. Random? Synapses fire somewhere deep in my brain and suddenly I remember that I recently equipped a new item that I’d never before seen, one that had some strange text. Maybe I need to give it another look:

Guidance of Shar

10% Chance On Being Hit: You are blinded for second. Blindness immunity does not prevent this effect


So this is supposed to be happening.

I mutter something aloud about how it seems that it is my new trinket that may be causing the blindness. My guildie Craig, ever the sharp one, without missing a beat:

If you keep playing with your trinket, you’ll go blind

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how a blog article is born.

So there you go, a unique magic item with a unique side effect. If you haven’t already, check out the video – note how the fight progresses perfectly fine until about :20 in when the blindness hits, not once, but twice. It isn’t that bad, just a moment, but it takes adjustment. I can’t help but feel that my eyes are broken.

Which is quite the feat, a game effect that translates into the real world, perfectly.

Well done, Turbine, and well done whichever item designer came up with this particular item.

Guidance of Shar: useful, powerful, and the one cursed item in the game with a curse that is actually effective.


πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. best title ever…funny big M reference!

  2. I agree with you about the effect! A curse that actually does make you mad… What happens when your gamer-girl “plays with your trinket” though? I hope you don’t go blind then…

  3. Question is….are you still master of your domain? πŸ™‚

  4. Very amusing, just lucky it’s not permanent…

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