Apr 232013

There was an issue while running Ghosts of Perdition yesterday*. Actually there were several issues, but most of them involved noobishness: an entirely different story.

* It’s several days ago now, but it was yesterday when I wrote this

Eventually the noobishness abated and the quest was successfully completed. Except no it wasn’t? The beholder read us his lines, we received the end loot, everything was good. Except the quest wasn’t completed. No XP.

There remained an unfulfilled objective. Something about pursuing Cholthuzz deeper into this lair. Except we’d done that, we were at the bottom, and the boss was defeated.

After a few minutes of running around to see if we could figure out what was up, I filed a Game Support ticket. This particular completion was painful and I really wanted full credit for it. It was worth the time it would take to wait.

And so the ticket was created. Within about 20 minutes, a cheerful Turbine game master appeared in my chat window, cheerfully advising us to stand pat a moment while he got his bearings and figured out the situation.

Suddenly, the harp chord that you hear when experience is being granted was playing and I was receiving XP. My Gamer Girl too. No idea what the GM did, but it worked, and we were out. We exchanged cheerful pleasantries with the cheerful GM and then he (she?) cheerfully left, mission accomplished, everyone happy.

I almost always have good luck with Turbine GMs, and this was no exception.

I assumed that was the end of the story; for seven years it always has been. But … not this time? Look what I found in my email this evening:

Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2013 13:33:45 -0400
From: Game Masters <GameMasters@turbine.com>
To: geoff@redacted.com

Greetings Mawry,

We see that you recently submitted an In Game Support Help Request 
in DDO on Sarlona. This email is your invitation to provide 
feedback about your support experience. Please click here to 
complete a short survey.

You may choose to submit anonymously, or to provide your Ticket 
#REDACTED, username or email address so that we may review your 
specific experience. You can review your ticket while logged into 
the game by:

    Clicking the [Esc] key.
    Select the Help option.
    Select Ticket History.
    Review your ticket!

Please note, you may only submit feedback once every three months.

Thank you, Turbine In Game Support

How exciting, they want my opinion! Whatever else you can say about me, you can never say I am without an opinion. Or several!

Except no, somehow I did not click fast enough.


I tried re-clicking. Refreshing. Reopening the mail client. Rebooting. I got nowhere except the same error page.

Six hours. Only six hours have passed between their sending the survey invitation and my clicking on the survey link. Six hours! I am assuming this is a bug, but … oh well. Maybe you just have to be really fast.

On the plus side, apparently I might be able to try again.

In three months.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Try submitting a bug report about THAT issue? See how many recursive layers you can get trapped in before they’re officially taking the piss?

  2. Perhaps the window of opportunity and survey were that short because you were playing a halfling.

  3. I don’t have the answer for you as to what happened here, but I’ve sent this post on to our GM team leaders for investigation. Thanks!

  4. I got one of those E-mails once and was able to complete the survey… but then, it was from a ticket I submitted on Drow elf Jall rather than halfling Acanthia. πŸ˜€

  5. A bug within a bug: Bugception!
    It’s been my experience that Turbines Bug-Fu is pretty strong.
    That rabbit hole goes down a long ways,

  6. I submitted my second ever ticket the other day, havent checked email yet for survey πŸ™‚

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