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Reincarnation Aid
Let me kiss that boo boo and make it all better

Everyone gets their ideas on what would make the new Reincarnation strategy better. It occurs to me that I have been writing about this topic all week but never put forth any ideas of my own. Can’t have that, I am utterly and thoroughly filled with ideas. All the time, on most any topic. This is no different.

This article got a little longish, even for me. There is a five-bullet TL:DR at the end for those who want to skip ahead.

We still don’t have all the information

There have been a couple of references that there will be other ways to earn Commendations of Valor in addition to completing Epic Sagas. I can’t find a link to one of these references right now, you will have to trust me, someone really did say that.

But they did not give us any information about what those ways will be. Maybe they will be something that is so cool and perfect that it completely removes everyone’s dislike of the current proposal. Maybe. Probably not, but maybe.

Yet we have nothing on it, and therefore, like an in-game achievement without a screenshot, it does not exist.

The rest of this article ignores this issue but that is unfortunate; depending on what the additional reward paths are, this could be really important!

The simplest adjustment

If I could make only one change to Turbine’s proposal, it would be to allow Lahar to sell Commendations of Valor. Here are the details:

  • Remove Reincarnation Hearts from the Epic vendor in The Twelve
  • Add Commendations of Valor to the vendor
  • Build in a timed ransack-like limit to the number of Valors one earns per purchase

This retains the ability to earn Reincarnation while adventuring in Eberron (one of the many current demands), through easier-to-purchase content Devils Attack (another demand) and through Cannith Challenge turn-ins (another demand).

The built-in ransack timer ensures that there would be no way to purchase Reincarnation Hearts faster than Turbine’s design requires, no matter what techniques (or even exploits) may be discovered.

On Setting Epic Reincarnation Cost

Back in the day, one could earn one Epic Token per Epic quest (q), and one needed 20 of them to reincarnate. In other words, it took 20 quests, on Epic Elite (because back then all Epics were Epic Elite), or q=20.

Apparently this was faster than Turbine intended, and they quickly (in the very first patch if I am remembering correctly) changed most of the quests to instead provide Epic Token fragments. It is more difficult to calculate q but fragments seemed to appear in batches of 30-70 while a few quests continued to offer full tokens. I am estimating q to be somewhere around 30-35.

Later, Turbine used Epic Tokens to encourage people to run less-popular content and as rewards for Cannith Challenges. People learned how to farm Epic Tokens in a few hours. q went out the window for most of us.

What should it be now? In one of Producer Glin’s recent posts, he walks us through an example of saga usage:

In this way, you can complete 5 sagas by playing 36 quests, and various combinations within that scenario if you prefer to skip some content.

I argue that should be enough. If you are gamer enough to run 36 Epic quests on Elite, you get to Reincarnate. And that sets the number of Valors for an Epic token, whatever number one can earn running 36 Epic Elite quests. Coincidentally bringing Reincarnation full circle, back to just about where it began:

q = 36

The Limited Content Problem and Bind To Character

The current proposal not only requires people to run 36 Epic quests (more than once!), it consists of 36 specific quests. Meaning people are going to have to run a lot of content they (1) don’t like or (2) don’t want to be forced to purchase.

The fact that Valors are proposed as Bind-To-Character (BtC) means that all of these things will be true for every Epic character one wants to reincarnate, even when the player is just trying to accumulate an Epic or Iconic Past Life feat in a class that is otherwise not fun for that player.

My proposal to resolve this:

  • Keep the Saga awards exactly as Glin first wrote them, including the BtC part, but change the reward amounts and Heart costs so that q = 36
  • Create a new commendation – lets call them Commendations of Bravery – that drop in all Epic quests that do not drop Tokens of the Twelve
  • Commendations of Bravery are Bind to Account (BtA), not BtC
  • Modify the new reincarnation heart vendor to allow players to swap Bravery for Valor
  • Set Bravery rewards by quest difficulty so that each Elite Epic quest earns enough Bravery to buy 1/q of the Valor needed for an Epic Reincarnation Heart

Normal and Hard completions would reward significantly less Bravery.

Later, if Turbine really has a hate on for Tokens of the Twelve, remove them and instead replace them with Commendations of Bravery.

If it is easier to prevent unexpected techniques (and exploits), reward Bravery in end reward lists rather than in chests.

In summary (TL:DR)

  • Tell us about all of the planned paths to acquire Commendations of Valor
  • Put commendations of Valor in Lahar’s Epic trader barter, subject to a turn-in timer
  • Put BtA commendations in every quest that does not have Tokens of the Twelve
  • Put additional, bonus, BtC commendations as a Saga reward choice
  • Set commendation reward rate and heart cost to the equivalent of 36 elite epic quests

The net of these changes: People can earn all of the Hearts running any Epic quest, on any character. Those who run them on Elite may earn their Hearts faster. Those who run Elite Sagas will earn them twice as fast as those who do not.

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  5 Responses to “If I Was the President of Reincarnation, What Would I Do?”

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  1. I’m tired of the drama and of Turbine’s lack of care for the players. They’re having real problems getting stuff fixed (I’ve reported raid lag more than once, and they always reply the same ‘we know about the issue but we can’t help you’), and they’re not communicating with the players. And the cost to some of the resent exploit. An exploit that Turbine was aware of for days before they did anything, and now they are extending ppl’s 2 weeks bans for another 2 weeks – so they can go through ppl’s inventories and punish ppl more. I love playing the game, I do not like how Turbine deals with its customers, and if they don’t start to improve soon, we’ll have no game left to play (no players, no game). Any company that is dependent on it’s customer base knows that to stay in business, the no 1 rule is to try and keep the customers happy. Well, we are not happy customers.

    • Turbine has done its fair share to get the drama rolling, but the the actions andposts of the players have not been helpful either. Buried among the Turbine rage and people who have been long known to have agendas about the game and Turbine as some actual constructive posts.

      I am a player, I love DDO, but neither Turbine or the people on the forums represent my views/wants/desires for the game. And as I’ve said previously, I’m tired of the hostage taking.

  2. what you propose is better than anything turbine has proposed. Not necessarily what I would want, but Better than anything they have given us.

    • This does not address that most of these Epic items all almost useless now (time better spent). It is definitely better then what Turbine has proposed. The idea of a new TR system and what that might be was floated on the Forums well ahead of time. The idea of Saga’s being in addition to; something more for those of you that might want to do this was a good idea. Tracking these the way it is now is next to useless. Making them mandatory is not. Maybe if Turbine had presented this as possible idea and looked for player based feedback we would not be where we are now. I am F2P; I own all of the content and have stopped spending any additional money since they first announced a new TR idea. It was plain then that they either have no idea what to do to make this game even more fun or care what the players think.. I own all my content and will probably continue to play this game the question is whether I will invest any additional money to do so. This is the best game in my opinion and could continue to be that. Making Saga’s mandatory is not the way to go, hell they have not worked since they were introduced and they still do not work. Keep Heroic TR available to Heroic characters.

  3. Introducing another currency on top of their currency in order to fix the issue? Nty!
    The only way to fix this is to make comms of Valor BtA and drop in FR (as well as GH) chests at a set value. If they really want to push the sales on the latest packs, don’t tie them into frigging sagas. In fact don’t tie anything remotely important into sagas. They are worthless waste of development money, brains and time. They should give out niche rewards at best, something like cosmetics and pets. Especially considering the fact that they are turbine’d half the time.
    Turbine – your sagas are bad and you should feel bad!

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