Nov 072015 many words lay lost or forgotten in the dusty archives of Cordovan?

…how many words lay lost or forgotten in the dusty archives of Cordovan?

Years ago, in this very room, the scorpions crushed and swept aside, I dreamed a passing fancy. I asked myself why it should be beyond the realm of possibility for the Screenshot of the Week to be used in game. Used as if it truly was an image created by an artist living in the years that our heroes are adventuring. All the images that any of us create do, in the beginning, the end and all the in-betweens, belong to Turbine. So again I ask: Why the Hell Not?

The image that I have inserted over that of our Not-so-friendly giant is a favourite from my own collection. I used it in my April 06, 2015 post: Reignite my Reignore. I think it looks just fine in that frame and I also know that with an eye to the future and with a little encouragement from the powers-that-be, that many more images from players like(or unlike) myself will be worthy of framing.

Keep in mind that I am not suggesting that our pictures be inserted into the environment permanently. Think special events. Four Night Revels quests, four frames, four player inspired images tweaked to fit by the Devs. Next special event, rinse repeat. Go ahead, bore me to death with all your reasons why it can’t be done. Want to impress me? Go chop some heads off a few trolls and find me some reasons why Turbine shouldn’t leave the door open for future consideration.

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Luedwig Bait H’oven
Thelanis 2006

Ps. The Night Revels are fun. Duel-boxing with a Warlock on point is fun. An image that I submit to the Screenshot of the Week having even a remote chance of one day appearing briefly in-game? Pricelessly Fun!

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  1. Clever idea. I’d like that too.

  2. Even if there was a problem with doing it in the general environment (which I don’t think there is) this could be introduced via guild airship. Have a gallery room where the guild leader/officers can personalise the images is an interesting idea – if there’s any concern about people loading inappropriate or copyright images then just add a “camera” to take the picture.

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