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Nov 102015

Another day, another GIF. A rather odd one, this time, not to imply that the GIFs here are usually more normal, but still, an odd one, even considering the context.

Nonetheless, presented for your viewing pleasure/displeasure/total apathy, a mashup I am calling “Idolatry”.


Happy Tuesday everyone!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. OK, out on a limb here but that looks a lot like one-half of a pair of heads found just before a locked door. You know the one. The locked door where everyone realizes about the same time that the guy running back to the shrine will be the only one with the key.

    If it is one of the heads that I think it is, which head is it? Imagine yourself looking at the locked door(you haven’t yet realized that you don’t have the key), is the head shown on your left or right?

    This is more important than you realize because I have an image(was holding off to make a gif) of a weiner coming out of the mouth of the head on the right and slipping into a bun that comes out of the mouth belonging to the left head. You image has changed everything! Boo on you Geoff! 😉

    What I need to know is whether the weiner is crispy hot on delivery or the bun is crispy warm in receiving. 🙂

    …maybe I’m just a leech. hehe

    Sluuuu’ rP!

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