Icy Burst Is Back

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Jan 212014

Dual Icy Burst Rapiers
Double the Icy, double the pleasure

First the background: in update 20, many random loot items were changed. Not just new items but old ones too, items in your backpack. Items in your bank.

For most of the existing items, the change was bad, a retroactive increase in minimum level that left some characters unable to equip items they had used for years, or in some cases, punished characters for the fact that they happened to have one of those items equipped when the minimum level increased over their heads.

For some reason, Risia Festival Icy Burst and Glaciation items were impacted more than most items. There must have been something non-standard in the way that Risia Festival modifications were coded, this is not the first time that Turbine has had trouble with them.

My formerly minimum-level 4 Keen Icy Burst rapier of Pure Good is now 8. My sixth-level rapier became 10. And so on.

Actually I think the Keen rapier was minimum level 2, but I am not certain, and even if true, that ship has sailed with Update 20 and won’t be back again. Certain modifications are just more expensive now and that is the way it is.

But now the Risia games are back. My first impulse was to avoid them altogether; once burned, twice shy. But then I read a forum post by user hit_fido indicating that one could re-apply the Festival recipes and repair the minimum level changes.

Hmmm. I am probably not going to re-apply the Glaciation, it was too expensive the first time, and besides it is on a Potency item and the minimum level for Potency skyrocketed. But I have several melee weapons on several characters and some of them would appreciate a minimum level reduction. Especially my completionist-in-progress Mawry.

I admit to some trepidation but it was hard to quantify. The ingredients were not a problem – I have a nice pile of Motes of Winter already stockpiled from previous years, and most of the Winter Recipes too. I’ll need a few Winter Recipe 5, but they are available on the Auction House for platinum purchase and I have plenty of plat.

So why the trepidation? There must have been a part of me that feared I would be making things worse.

Re-applying the first recipe, Cold Touch, did not change the minimum level although it did make my weapon much less useful. Uh oh, not good. But I carried on nonetheless.

Re-applying the second recipe, Frost, reduced the minimum level by two. Ah hah! Things are looking up!

Re-applying the third recipe, Icy Burst, reduce the minimum level by two more. Now we are talking! My Keen rapier of Pure Good is level 4, and my Shocking Burst of Pure Good is level 8. Life is good.

I get carried away. I add Icy Burst to Mawry’s Shocking Burst Light Mace of Righteousness, something she carries really only for the Delera’s chain. Twice the bursty power! And still minimum level 2.

I start swapping characters: Icy Burst for Sparksy’s smiting repeater! Icy Burst for Brymn’s Improved Cursespewing long sword of Pure Good! Icy Burst for Evangelyne’s Vorpal quarterstaff of Rapid Strikes! Icy Burst for Chelena’s

… No, sorry Chelena, the altar won’t put any Risia effect on your Drow Maul of the Weapon Master. You too Knicker, all those epic and named weapons mean Risia effects are not for you.

But everyone else is getting a little something extra from their swings. Something cold.

Ice. Nice.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. I’ve got some nice things i’m planning to stick the burst on, a couple of older lootgen items with multi-effect prefix & suffixes.. ok they may “only” be a light pick, a club & dagger but still, who needs to worry about base weapon type when you’re shifted into wolf form? πŸ™‚

  2. I’m probably just weird, but I never have been that excited about the Risia Ice Games. It seems like a whole lot of effort to get a mod which doesn’t seem to be that incredible. The glaciation part I could maybe understand a bit better. To be honest, I had a much easier time getting great loot from the Mabar Festival.

    That being said, am I doing something wrong that’s causing me to have such a hard time in the Ice Games? I’ve got the DDO store skates, and I’m using Phiarlan’s Pendant and casting featherfall as I try the ice jump with Hawklilly, my spellsinger bard.Not one winter mote though when I turn in coins.

  3. I’ve always wanted to add festival iciness to stuff, but never could afford the AH prices or have the time to farm all the necessary motes. SUch is the life of a casual gamer with multiple game and guild “responsibilities”. Oh well…maybe someday…I can still dream…

  4. @1halfelf: I’m no expert, but I think I recall something about FF being a detriment in the ski-jump area. But what do I know?

  5. Hmm… you may be right about that. Me thinks that my jump is probably way more important.

  6. Skates, pendant, maybe jump and skills buffs and then time. Bought a few kits in first games but quite self-sufficient now. Remember to set your Instance toggle near your character’s head. Practice rewards u with that second purple coin on “every” grab or a chance to get one if the purple is missing on your first instance. I have a bit of mischief planned for this site come the end of festival. A number of very specific weapons to be auctioned cheap on Thelanis. Remember that bang-for-plat that the recipe 3,4 for frost is the way to go.

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