Nov 062009

Several days ago I posted something to the effect that using Turbine’s character transfer service had broken the character’s myDDO character sheet.

I was sort of wrong. Turbine just didn’t update the character sheets for a couple of weeks.

Here is Knicker, all updated. But… note that her name is still Rio of Khyber? Even though the path to her character sheet it sarlona/knicker.

It is all too weird for me 🙂

Interstingly, there is already another Rio on Khyber! LOL the name was available for three years, then I had it for a couple of months, and within days of giving it up, someone has it again.

Hmmmm maybe that is not really very interesting after all.

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  1. I noticed that myDDO is slow to update when I joined a guild. It took almost 10 days for myDDO to reflect the change. Turbine must not auto-run the sync process.

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