May 302014

Yugoloth Potion Vendor

I was wrong. Mea culpa.

You were right, all of you, while I was wrong. Dead wrong.

In the past I’ve written that Yugoloth Mercenary potions are an expensive waste that will clot up your backpack for no reason.

But that is not the case, not at all. As it turns out, for the right character, they are a way to trade in near-useless Platinum for enhanced capabilities.

As a reminder, one may earn the right to buy Yugoloth potions by earning Yugoloth faction favor*. There are only five Yugoloth favor quests in the game and they are all in Shavarath.

* It is interesting to remember that the Yugoloth are evil. One does not earn their trust or affection. Favor allows one to become slightly less hated. You begin “Disliked”. Accumulating enough favor to unlock potions earns the title “Unfriendly”.

Once you’ve earned the favor, you can buy the potions from the faction vendor who stands at the top level of the Amrath floating island, behind the faction Patron and to his right.

There are six Yugo potions, each providing an attribute boost, another bonus, and a penalty:

Item Bonuses Penalty
Essence of Betrayal +2 stacking Dexterity
+6 Sneak Attack to hit (+4 after penalty)
-2 Attack bonus
Essence of Cunning +2 stacking Intelligence
slow SP regeneration
-50% Fortification
Essence of Desire +2 stacking Constitution
+20 stacking HP (total +45 with con bracket at lvl 25)
-5% Melee attack speed bonus
Essence of Despair +2 stacking Wisdom
+4 Natural armor
-4 Reflex save
Essence of Fury +2 stacking Strength
+8 Will save against Fear (+4 after penalty)
-4 Will save
Essence of Seduction +2 stacking Charisma
+8 Fortitude save against Poison (+4 after penalty)
-4 Fortitude save

This table was lifted in entirety from the (most excellent) DDO Wiki article

Weird. Your eyes go to the penalties first and see them as a whole: minus to attack? Minus to saving throws? My brain fills with the negative, making it easy to focus on the limited duration and high price of the potions while glossing over the positives.

Except the positives are pretty positive. 40+ hit points. Regenerating mana. Etc.

I finally got over the hump of seeing the negatives before the positives this past weekend when Sparksy, my OMG artificer defeated everything in Shavarath and earned Yugoloth favor. I was having issues with Sparksy; she was getting the job done but felt light in both hit points and mana. More, her equipment and build both seemed to be stretched as much as they could be.

I was at a loss as to how I could improve Sparksy, even if only incrementally. Then I saw the Yugoloth potion vendor and a lightbulb went on: instant hit points. Instant mana. Not too much of either, but still, a definite improvement, and one I could acquire with just platinum. No need to level up, no farming for something specific, no crazy expensive Shard Exchange costs. Just platinum. A lot of platinum to be sure. But still only Platinum.

Two stacks of 100 potions later, Sparksy’s INT and CON and (HP and SP) all feel a bit better. And I feel a bit chastised for having overlooked this so completely.

Yes, they are expensive. Yes, some of the penalties are worse than others. No, the potions are not a net plus for every build. And probably no build wants all six potion types.

But they can be a plus for many builds. A big plus. I was wrong.

W-r-o-n-g. Wrong. And you all were right.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I ignored them for years but out of a sense of “Holy crap! Shavarath on Elite!?” But now I just add the place to my Monastic Bucket List because they can be very helpful, in combination with other potions or effects, to dramatically give a stacking boost to any ability.

    And Mernom, on my related post about the benefits of Shavarath runs, noted something I didn’t know: House Deneith collectible vendors sell no-ML +1 to +3 alchemical ability score potions that also stack, for the right collectibles. They only last a minute, but that’s a potential of +2 Yugo + 2 DDO Elixir + 3 Alchemical Potion…and we’re not even counting tome increases.

    • Robot or PM fortification and Yugo int potions are quite nice.

      The HP one *might* be only physical attack speed, so good news for ranged guys if true.

  2. i have them stacked in hotbar a long time ago for the HP and SA. they only seem expensive but for the effects, well priced.

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