May 262010

I’ve been playing Eberron halflings now for almost four years. I think it’s time I got my dinosaur.
All the Eberron lore says I’m supposed to ride a dinosaur. It’s not like I could make this up (Halfling dinoriders! Hah!). And yet, no dinosaur.

I’m not picky. Clawfoot. Fastieth. Pteranadon. Whatever. The rules are simple:

  • Must be a dinosaur
  • May not be Barney

That’s it! Two rules, a total of eight words. How hard can it be?

Halfling riding a clawfoot
This halfling gets a dinosaur
Fierce Chelena

Fierce, yes… but add a dinosaur! Whoa!
Imagine how epic it would be to stroll the marketplace on my dinosaur, everyone staring.

I’d have to pimp him (her? it?) out completely. I’m sure the DDO Store could provide the very latest in color-accessorized dinosaur riding gear to complement my color-accessorized premium hair cut.

My halfling barbarians are already so fierce.. but wow, add dinosaur, triple the fierce.

Really, I’ve been patient. Almost four years!

Is it dino time yet?

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  1. I don’t think we’ll ever see players riding mounts in this game, but there is the one Master+Blaster style bad guy so there is tech in the game for enemies to do it.

    A halfling enhancement line for summoning a dinosaur would be a good compromise.

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