May 072013

This is the first actual couple I have seen anywhere!

Yep! They're an item!

Yep! They’re an item!



Are there any more around?


I think I also found a couple of gnomes today but will hold off showing them until the next contest!


I have played DDO a lot and sometimes, like with anything, I get kinda burnt out on it. So to give myself a little change up I create “projects” to do. It helps to keep the game fresh. I can switch to a project anytime especially if I get frustrated with the game or my current progress.


My current project I call “Hands of Greed”.


Basically it is to periodically chose a quest arc or simply 1 quest that has unbound, bound on equip, or BTA named items and get them ALL!


This way I can fill my list from runs and/or ,with non-bta stuff,  from the AH. This of course required me to create 1 additional character as a bank. It also required me to do the most mind numbing thing ever..go through my entire inventory-list my items and set up each character not in play for specific types. 1 bank window for amulets, one for short swords etc. Sheesh! What a headache.


My first choice for this project was Shan-To-Kor; I am almost done with this one. Only need the sword from the end chest.


I’ve got the run down to about 12-15 mins  total. These multiple runs also allow me to gather information I normally miss running a quest just a couple of times. Then I can help update the DDO Wiki. More hints, filling in missing pics, grammar, spelling, and punctuation-you know-just the simple stuff.


My second choice was the Necro3 quests. I’ve got pretty far with this one except for the abbot stuff. Not many abbot runs on my server. Also since i am not yet flagged for it I have to use the auction hall.


I probably will unload 90 percent of my swag in the Shard Hall–eventually. But, you never know..maybe Feather of the Sun will go in the opposite direction with the next item sweep and buff them instead of nerfing them. Why didn’t he call himself Icarus instead?? 😛


So..what do you guys do to get a change of pace?


Why don’t kobolds eat pickled troll toes?? Their heads won’t fit in the jars!





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  1. A change of pace?
    I go back and rerun things that I farm a million times, but because I’m farming for TR’s/loot I don’t pay attention to NPC’s, and whatnot. Like House C, I usually just zerg through there as fast as possible because it’s one of the last chains I hit right before level 20. Going back and running those quests nice and slow, reading what all the NPC’s in House C say.

    It really changes the game, and makes it a lot more interesting and enjoyable from an RP perspective.
    I usually solo when doing this though.

  2. I guess we know who wears the pants in THAT relationship!

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