Jul 242010

Its 7:00am EST and I’m logging in to see if there is anything worth running before I have to do whole shower/work thing.

Only one, but it is epic VON! Yay! A Chinese-led party but that’s common at 7:00am EST. I run Chinese groups all the time, I can’t understand a word of the language but I generally know what I am doing and just follow when I am not sure.

Teleport over, there’s no special rush, I am the third person in the group. Enter VON5. Head towards the maze, killing as I go. They opened on Normal for speed purposes so my capped wizard is godly, one-shot killing things left and right, and my firewall is total DOOOOOOOOOOM. I love that!

Then I see something typed in party chat in English – ‘sorry we are private’

We are up to five or six now, looking at the names it seems clear I am the only non-Chinese and this is aimed at me. I don’t want to be a bad guy. I look at the LFMs again – there is nothing else, I am faced with a morning of no DDO quests.

I decide to exercise my real-life Bluff skill: I ignore the message. Hey it could be for anyone, right? In my head I see Bluff d20 rolling…

Then I get a tell from the leader. Can’t ignore this one! It is the same thing, ‘sorry we are private’. I reply ‘don’t worry I wont tell anyone’ and keep right on killing stuff.

There is a whole burst of Chinese but I am clueless.  On the other hand, I am racking up the kills.

A new tell ‘click wrong button’. I reply ‘I hate it when that happens to me too!’

There is another burst of Chinese.

Then ‘we dont fit 1’. I reply with a story about the previous night where my guild couldn’t fit everyone in a group and we ended up in Tempest Spine because it was the only thing everyone could run. The story takes several lines, it is quite the wall of text.

There is silence for a minute, then -BING- -BING- two people leave. Are they reforming? Since they can’t boot me? Now my general nice-guyness is starting to speak up. I am pondering if this is still a fun use of Bluff? Or have I crossed the line into full-on butthead? But the rest of the party stays in, and I keep on keeping on.

I am way in the lead on the kill count. No one is healing me but I have lots of pots. I am actually playing decently.

But the silence – and my conscience – is getting to me. I decide to LOL at them and leave the group. As I am typing I get one last tell ‘have you done von6 epic before?’

I reply ‘many times’ – the truth by the way – and that is that, I’ve made my Bluff check and I am in.

No one speaks to me for the entire quest, but that is common with an all-Chinese group. I get to focus on just playing and surprisingly I play really well. VON6 goes like butter, I have the right spell at the right time, every time. I switch to healer once we are on the dragon and help keep the four Warforged reconstructed. Are they unhappy with me? No idea, but my gameplay certainly did not give them any reasons.

Karma kicks in at the end though as I forget to take my Epic Raid token.

But I remain satisfied, the experience and the story outweigh the token: I can get a token any time.

Bluff wins 🙂

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  1. you better bronze that d20, you’ll never hit a natural like that again…on THAT die anyway…

    Grats, good story!


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