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I mean, really! I do. Pretty much every kind of cheese. Its all great. One time I actually got to tour the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Prolly one of the best birthdays I ever had. I got to eat so many cheese samples! Anyways, this is a gamer site for game blogs so Im gonna blog about games because thats what I do. SO! to the blog mobile!

For three years Ive been playing DDO. Over the course of three years DDO has managed to give me a level of joy that no other MMO has been able to. Alot of this joy has come in the form of awesome people. The rest comes from the fact that DDO, bugs(galore) aside, is a fun and enjoyable game.

During these three years, Ive asked for a handful of random things. Most of which I cant remember. Why? I dunno. They prolly werent important enough to remember. For all three years though, theres been one recurring request Ive made of Turbine to add to the game: Give female characters the chance to sport an actual mohawk. Not the “mohawk” they can pick on creation or the “mohawk” they can buy from the store. But one just like male characters can pick on character creation. I mean, really, it shouldnt be too much harder than enableing it for female characters, could it be? If it is a little harder, then at least that update would be more worth developer time than auto sheathe.

For the last three weeks, as you all who follow my blog know, Ive been playing WoW. My chicks over on WoW can have mohawks. Sure, its race restricted, but the point is that they can. Then today, I created a character on SWtoR for the first time and what could I do? Yup. I could give my ladies real and true mohawks.

It may seem silly to some, but the fact that other games give me a hairstyle option that DDO doesnt actually makes me love those games MORE than DDO. Its something Id like my characters to have. Its something Ive even gone as far as to say Id buy it off the DDOStore if that was the only way to get it. But, chances are, its not going to happen.

Im still not going to quit DDO. DDO is still a passion of mine, and something Ive sunk $250* into, but not having that one small option does make me want to play DDO less and games with it more. I want to run around on characters that, in some small silly way, represent me. Its a small, tiny, itsy bitty option that gives me actual enjoyment.

Yes, yes, yes. I know, I know. Youve spent more money than me on DDO and played for longer so your opinions on things in DDO matter more than mine. Well, you know what? Youre wrong. Wanna know why? Its because Im an Empress and youre a plebeian.

I think its a completly plausible idea for, at some point, Turbine to come out with a DDOStore release with a “Hairstyle Bundle” that would include a bunch of new hairstyles that would unlock for either server or account permanetly for people to select on creation. Maybe even a “Facial Tattoo Bundle” that does the same. Then put a “Barber/Tattoo Shop” in the Marketplace or something so we can change our appearence without doing reincarnations.

Anyways, its just a small, but important, issue Ive found myself having with DDO and the other MMOs Ive been playing and wanted to share.

Hope everyone stays healthy and has a good night!


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  1. I completely agree! Give my ladies Mohawks or give me /permadeath!

  2. Anyone who thinks their opinion matters more because they’ve played longer or spent more is cordially invited to bite my shiny metal… Never mind.

  3. Ah yes…the Tillamook Cheese factory. Of course, don’t forget that just up the road a little ways is the Tillamook Smoke House where you can get 2-ft long pepperonni (or teryaki, or beef) sticks for $1 each (last time I check, anyway). And you can get bundles of 50 count, too. Not to mention other assorted dried/cured jerkies and stuffs. Mmmm…good eats. *drool*

    And of course there’s also Bandon cheese – equally good. You mid-westerners can say what you want about Wisconsin cheese, but our local Oregon cheese is at least as good…and cheaper (for us, anyways, ‘cuz, you know, it’s local).

    As far as female mohawks – I can’t discuss anything because of closed beta rules, but let’s just say there’s are some Iconic hairstyles that may be little more to your liking…but maybe not.


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