Mar 172015

Just another VON3 run, racking up the XP during an bonus XP weekend.

Go here, kill this, go there, kill that, run some more, kill the other thing. Routine. Something done so many times, on so many characters, I might be able to do it with my eyes closed.

And there’s the Marut. Punch punch punch, there he goes, vanquished as quickly and painlessly as everything else. Time to loot and finish out.

But wait … what’s that?

I Knee What You Did There

Huh. What is that? There – on the Marut’s knees. Need a closer look.

I Knee What You Did There

Are those faces? On its knees? But … they are facing downwards. One would never see them, unless one was very short and looking up. Or like this, when the Marut is down, and you happen to view this exact angle.

How strange. I must be wrong. Need a closer look:

I Knee What You Did There

Faces. No question about it. Faces. On its knees. Facing nothing but ground until you slay it, only viewable from one specific vantage.


Ah, who cares why, it is just another example of the detail and love that was put into this game by many different coders and designers.

Nine years in – nine years! – and I am still finding things I’ve never seen before.

How cool is that?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. And PUDDING! Don’t forget the pudding. They dislike being ignored.

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