I invite…

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Oct 152014

What she wouldn't give for a drink right about now.....

Two days, two companions… What she wouldn’t give for a drink right about now.

The companions share a look of concern before returning to Witchway’s story.
Wolf whimpers; “How many times has she been Stoned …today?”
Owlbear snuffles and snaps; Shhhhh! “I think she’s about to tell us how hobgoblin settlements are so similar to human settlements. Again.”

This, and another dozen “reflections” I won’t get around to actually posting, is the state of my mind after two days of solo play. πŸ˜‰

Slayers, explorers, Saltire, Wheloon, Lordsmarch lourdzmartch, lourzdmarkzch, …..

Guildy TR cycle restarts tonight in the Vale. Um, yay! Oh, in case you can’t quite pull in the dialogue references; think STK and Von…. πŸ˜‰

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Thelanis 2006

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  1. That’s too small to be a proper siege engine anyway

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