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Its true. I traded it for a goat. Howd this come to pass? Well, you remember how last year I vanished for a while durning the summer? Then remember how I spontaneously re-appeared with a story about how I had to have knee surgery because I killed it while out riding in the snow? Well, while I was on my painkillers, I discovered that there is a colony of gremlins living in my head! Well, after talking with them for a while I decided to trade my soul for a hamburger. Then I traded my hamburger to some kid in Chicago for eternal happiness. Then I traded my eternal happiness to an Arab in Hong Kong for a goat. It was a great trade overall. He totally got ripped off. When the doctors told me no more meds, I became sad and worried that my head gremlins would go away. Thankfully, theyre still around!

 So anyways, Ive been meaning to write this blog for a while now. Its been sitting with the above paragraph for a few days and I havent touched it until today. But even before it was written I had trouble getting to writing this blog. Why? Well, for the last week or two, while I did want to write, I just wasnt feeling bloggy. Then when I *DID* feel bloggy, I kept forgetting to write it. Until now! Yay Mizzaroo!

So, the last couple weekends Ive managed to do more DDO than normal with Comic thanks to me being neither too sick or too tired. First off, we did Necro 3. All of it. It was alot of fun. There were some really cool looking enemies in one of the quests, I forget what they were though. I think one of them was a very large skeleton. Another of them looked like a Flood ripped straight out of Halo. It was awesome. In the final Necro 3 quest I died 3 times in the end fight. I blame Comic. Though, truth be told it wasnt his fault. I still blame him anyway. What actually caused my deaths was when the big ugly would cast Firewall(or whatever its called). Hed cast one on top of me, Id see my heathe start to drop so Id move away, hed cast another on me, I moved away again but not in a very good direction. He cast a third one which kinda trapped me in this triangle of firewalls which dropped my health quick and killed me. When I was raised, he dropped me right off, I was raised, killed, raised and managed to finally heal up and finish him off with Comic.

After Necro 3 me and Comic did a couple quests in the desert which I had previously done with the Europeans a long time ago on my Monkly Monky Monk. Except, unlike last time where a tome dropped and no one claimed it except Mizzaroo(who was never passed said tome), No tome dropped. Very sad. The first quest we did there was one where we had to collect some… metals and gems(?). Cant rightly remember. The map was a tad confusing. THAT much I do remember. The other quest involved running through killing scorpians. Twas fun!

Then after that we killed Whisperdoom, did a few Jorasco quests including a nice short one in Deleras. I managed to get quite a few Monster Manuel completions including some TP, which is always nice. I also managed to hit level 15 on my Artificer. Grabbed the feat that allows me to shoot through enemies, Improved Precise Shot I think its called. Hitting level 15 also means that the ever so wonderfull Evennote will be able to play with me and Comic on her Iconic character. I wont be on DDO for a while though. I have a vacation starting this weekend which, as usual, means no Mizzy on MMOs. Also, my metal doggy, Clankers, is pretty dang uber, if I do say so myself.


Uber Arti Doggy! At least *I* think hes pretty uber! 🙂

Of course, Ive also been playing SWtoR. Not alot of news to share about my time over there. Got my Smuggler up to level 32 and to the planet Alderaan. One day while I was playing, I decided to check the GTN to see if there was anything good being sold on it for reasonable prices. Mostly, I was in the market for an account unlock of some sort. And I saw one! It was the Rattataki race and someone was selling it for 128k credits! But… I only had 105k credits! But my guild leader came through and loaned me the credits I needed to buy it. Thankfully, no one bought it before me and now I have one of the two remaining races I wanted to get. I payed her back after a couple days.

Nat guns in

Natalysa, the Human Smuggler(Gunslinger)

Nat guns out

Guns out and ready to shoot stuff!

Hum Smug

A better Pic of Natalysa, with her hat on this time.


My new Rattataki Jedi Kinght(I forget her name)

Well, thats about it for this blog. As you can see, I was smart enough to actually take the above screenshots on the highest graphical settings! Which makes them look nicer, I think. I really wish I had a better computer so I could PLAY on those settings, but, meh. Im just happy I CAN play any games, you know? Im super excited for the upcoming SWtoR expansion which is going to feature 12v12 Space PvP. Its gonna be awesome. I know it!

Anyways, I hope everyone takes care, has fun and kills lotsa uglies!


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  1. Grats on level 15 and hope you have a wonderful vacation 🙂

  2. Rattataki? That’s new. Is it still true that all the races are exactly the same in play except for an emote?

    • Yeah. They just all look different. In a few cases there’s different voices and different conversation options but that’s about it.

  3. On STO, I got to do a mission with (Ambassador) Worf – how cool is that?

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