I Have Been Busy.

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May 232013

Yes, it’s been a while since I have posted. So what should I talk about now? This is actually a new beginning for me so to speak. Geoff has been more than kind hosting the ‘Displaced Bloggers’ including me and puts in a whole lot of work into this site. As well as Play-Researching game mechanics and such on Lam and his home server, then feeding us the juicy bits of the  knowledge he has gleaned. He also appears quite regularly on DDOCast and has been firmly rooted there as an important ‘Support Character’. Like Mr GreenJeans for Capt Kangaroo! That isn’t meant to be mean. I just  wanted to hint that he has an endearing quality about him, the fans like him-(as long as he isn’t dissing NWO), and has become an important asset for Sig and Anne. He does need a little bit of RP practice for those pen and paper adventures-:P That is a whole lot of work piled on to a full time job! Kudos to you Geoff.

The Capt Kangaroo statement has obviously dated me for at least half of the blogosphere. The other half have no clue about it whatsoever.

In my youth-high school- we had another use for the word glean. The act of rolling your tongue back causing your lower saliva gland to squirt on command was called Gleaning.  Ok maybe you didn’t want to know that. Kinda fits in that category with arm pit farts.

As I said before this is a new beginning for me so I will divulge a little bit about myself personally. Hopefully it won’t induce too much of the cringe factor. Like watching somebody else’s home movies.

I have been gaming longer than a lot of you have been alive. I am not ancient but I am old enough to have my favorite music called ‘Classic’. Old enough to remember Hamm’s beer and that it tasted so bad it was nicknamed Bear Piss. Old enough to have seen the original 3 star wars movies in the theater. Since that was the end of the story I have yet to see any further movies about it. I know what happens in the end , you see. No sense in wasting money. Old enough to hate wasting money btw. Oh I also hate wasting food too. I am also old enough to remember when TVs had huge tubes, enormous rear ends and weighted 100 lbs!

I was born and raised in Calif. I got married a little later in life than my friends did. When I found out my daughter was on the way I relocated to Penn. The cost of living in Calif is outrageous, besides the majority of the populace is extremely socialistic. The problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money. So off we went. Sadly I lost my wife about 3 years ago. About that time I moved my mom out to me due to her failing health. So now it’s me and my 2 girls.  I have a lot of work dealing with them and our life issues and gaming gives me some reprieve.

I always chuckle when I see someone stating “back in the day’ followed by baldur’s gate, ultima, even the first wow.  My back in the day was using a computer that took a 5 1/4 floppy and playing a text based dungeon crawl. My back in the day was running a D+D adventure on graph paper a couple of weeks after Gary finished it in his garage. My back in the day was feeling like it was Christmas as I tore the plastic off of my very first pack of grey character sheets Gary just designed.

As technology advanced and computers got faster, the games got better. I had AD+D adventures on disc with little pixelated characters and odd beeps and squeeks emitted from the computer speaker when I attacked stuff. Very high tech for the day. Then the network built by our universities went live and became the fledgling internet. NO -Al Gore did NOT invent the internet. With the internet came a whole new slew of games called MUDS. All of them were text based. The engine for them, built on the C programming language was called circle and was a public domain created in Germany. Eventually the web was populated by a ton of circle derivatives and thousands of players. About the time C++ came out I got a job as a ‘Builder’ for two moneymaking text based MUDS. They are defunct now but I still remember when we were able to code in color for text!  This was the TIME for AD+D games. Being text based only, the players were forced to use their IMAGINATIONS to flesh out their worlds. Of course a decent writer was a great help for this. I actually had a pet peeve while I was builder. My zones and adventures had to be able to be mapped. Most people would map on graph paper as they ran the game. Then Z-Mud came out with an auto mapper. I always hated it when Z-mud couldn’t map a zone, unless of course it was a maze. Once the text based mud morphed into the more complex games and technology allowed for the basic pixalated interaction I bowed out as a builder. I didn’t know how to code anything more advanced than circle and didn’t want to put in the time to learn.


It wasn’t until the last 10 years or so that we started to see the OMG factor in online games. My first OMG game was EVE online-a very complex game which meant that the first few years of it saw only adult, mature players (over 25) ingame. When I tired of that I switched to DDO-looking for the AD+D experience. I am also playing NWO-yea I know–BOO! I like it. It’s fun. It may not remain fun but we will see.  Enough about my past….

Geoff you should try it to level 20. the reason the lower levels move so fast is the good stuff happens at 15 and 20. Foundry becomes available at 15 and mounts at 20 plus other things like the ability to do pvp, skirmishes , and dungeons for astral diamond rewards. Dev communication is outstanding. Updates every 30 mins or so during all downtime. Tweeter feeds every few minutes. They really seem to try to keep the players in the light about whats going on. I have 2 characters at max level a Trickster and a Control Wizard and have founded a guild. I am kind of excited about what they offer in the epic content. Yes you have a ton of hp but that won’t help you when a level 55 boss one shots you for 18k of damage.


The DDO expansion hasn’t grabbed me like the last one. There are some cool gimmicks in it. Not much on content as far as I can see. The owlbear is cool but would be better if it was a healer. Actually, I would love to have 1 permanent companion that levels up with me. Healer or no. I will most likely buy it but not just yet. Again, Turbine is true to form and releasing a bugged expansion. I am also not yet a convert to any positive with the feat trees. As a builder I always looked for balance but nerfing was definitely not the way to go. There is a complex I saw back then and I see it now-the God complex is when a coder. designer, maker of an online game pushes the game and mechanics in a way he/she wants and not a way best for everyone. This complex is even more pronounced in public office. We are always going to have people who think they know whats best for us better than we know ourselves. Anything less than some professional intervention won’t help them.


Too bad you are not on the same sever as I am Geoff.  I would pay astral diamonds for a copy of  this year’s GenCon Catalog!! (Tease)





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  1. Hi there, nice bio! I have to say, when I read “The problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money” I almost choked on my snack as I started laughing and laughing. It’s funny because it’s true 😉

  2. LOL http://home.mindspring.com/~stiska/capt.jpg

    (And thank you for the kind words 🙂 )

  3. I am glad I could put a positive in your day A-Druid 🙂 Btw where were you when your pic was taken? That is an awesome looking background especially the oak ships helm!

    You are welcome Geoff! Luv the pic too! Made me want to eat a graham cracker -don’t know why.hmmm. ROFL!

    • Oh –about that GenCon Catalog–If you could manage to sign it and get Sig + Anne to do the same it would make for a nice contest reward or a gift for donations to something useful-like DDOCast.

      I am also waiting with anticipation for the bobble heads of you three to come out–HA!

      You can send me an autographed copy anytime!

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