May 292010

Really, as a general rule I’d rather not play at all then senselessly repeat the same trudgery over and over trying to get one specific item.

But this time I made an exception:

Xachosian Eardweller

Partly because the item completely rocks, but even more because I wanted something to solo in the morning before work. The Eardweller comes from the quest Eye of the Titan, a challenging run that takes me 30-40 minutes: perfect for a solo wake-up jaunt to accompany my morning cuppa joe.

The Eardweller is very rare: there is a long forum thread devoted to tracking the drop rate.

Over a month passed with no sightings. But finally, persistence overcomes resistance and I get the rare to pop. I’ve lost the exact count but I think it was about my 40th attempt.

It is amazing! I get my first-ever 1200 point Polar Ray, and that’s after Pit Fiend DR.

And then I realize it has a durability of one. ONE. The slightest breeze will make it unusable! Going to definitely need a few Adamantine Rituals if I am ever to take this thing on the hard quests.

Back to Farmland for me. Unless anyone has a bunch of Adamantium and Essence of the Earth they feel like donating 🙂

What do you think?

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