Apr 302013



Normally these days, Im not Turbines biggest fan anymore. However, today they released cosmetics into both DDO and LotRO in support of the One Fund Charity for the victims of the Boston bombings. On this, I gladly choose to stand with Turbine and got myself both the DDO One Fund Ribbon and the LotRO One Fund Cloak.

I got mine, now get yours too!(Unless you dont want to, then thats cool too!)

One Fund Ribbon

One Fund Ribbon on Mizzaroo



One Fund Cloak

One Fund Cosmetic Cloak on Natalysa

For those of you who are unaware, you can have 10 of these for free. Go to the store add to your cart and use the coupon code BOSTON. There is no pressure applied by turbine on its players to donate. This is simply a way players may CHOOSE to show their support. None of the Ribbons or Cloaks are bound so you may trade them between any of your characters or give to friends.
Thats it for this Mizzablog! Hope everyone has a good day!
(I apologize for the pics coming out terrible. For better quality ones, visit my Mizzablog page here and click the pics to see them normal.)

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