May 272011

I finally figured out something that would be worth making, and even better, managed to accurately make it.



But in spite of all that, when all the dust settled a nice little twink item remained.

First, the concept: a decent ring for Chelena Armstrong who has TR’d and is now 8th level. After researching, I settle on an Unbalancing Ring of False Life.

Next, the recipe:

  • a ring blank
  • a shard of unbalancing
  • a shard of false life
  • a shard of +6 potential
  • a shard of +7 potential
  • a shard of +8 potential

I am not certain I need the +8 potential, but I’ve been stymied by low potential before and don’t want to take any chances.

Off to acquire the ingredients; Coin Serf (my designated crafter) gets to work. There are lots of cheap rings on the AH, but I want one with a guild slot. One appears, 5000 plat (ouch!) but it has a medium guild slot and is soon mine.

The unbalancing shard crafts successfully. But the false life shard does not, and now I am short 3 greater body essences. I announce my need in the trade channel: it is easy to sense my desperation, I am negotiating from a position of weakness, but 10K later I have my essences.

Not so fast there Coin, the laws of probability get a vote on this too. A second failure leads to another three essence shortfall, and another 10k transaction. Probability smiles on Coin this time and all shards are complete.

I apply the first of the potential shards to the ring. It works! Except … wait … now the ring is bound to Coin? Not a desirable result. Deconstructing the ring again does not deconstruct the binding. Is this a bug? Regardless, I will need another blank.

There are no more rings available with medium slots, but I do find a small guild slot on a 10k ring on page three. Ka-ching! For those keeping track, I am now 35,000 plat into this lowbie ring.

I pass the ingredients to Chelena via shared bank slot. The fierce fighter has no trouble applying the three shards of potential, one after the other, and then applying the prefix and suffix shards. Success! Expensive success, but still, success!

First successfully crafted item
Expensive bling!

Note that this is a “+4” item. I think that means I did not have to increase the item potential at all? Wish I knew for certain.

Next: minimum level 9 gloves. I wonder how many thousands of plat they will cost me?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the play-by-play. I’m curious about the new Cannith crafting stuff, but haven’t had the time and/or courage to get into it.

  2. If you try to add a shard that would be over the potential for the item. You get an error message. And can then add the +X potential shards.

    It would be nice to see the + value of items before crafting. As well as an idea of what the minimum level of resulting item would be.

  3. It would also be good to know exactly which effects can go on which items, and to have a good list in game of which effects are prefixes, and which are suffixes.

  4. If you hover over the “picture” part of the shard, in the upper left, it should pop-up with a description that includes the +X. After that, you should just have to add ’em together – Unbalancing is +1, and False Life is +3.

    I’m currently trying to level up enough to build a Superior Devotion I Ring of either Healing Lore or… something else, maybe fortification, I dunno, for my monk. So far, I have the ring blank… *g*

  5. I really want a ring of Heavy Fornication but I suspect that is beyond the power of the crafting system.

  6. EllisDee37 has a great list of what can be put on what kind of item here:

    That also lists stuff by prefix and suffix. I agree, though, I’d love to have an “official” way to easily determine prefix and suffix.

    The Enchantment Level of an item can be determined here, it’s organized by crafting school, and sortable alphabetically, by level, school, or MEL:

    Nice writeup!

  7. Thanks, Jerry!

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