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End Reward List
Some nice items: sellable/usable bracers, and the stunning scimitar has a red slot.
But nothing as nice as an Impressive Trophy

Recently, I was looking at an end reward list when my Gamer Girl happened to be watching me. I chose an item, I don’t recall exactly what.

“Why didn’t you take the renown?” Asked my Gamer Girl, “You’re just going to sell that.” And I was.

This launched a conversation where it was pointed out to me that I, as the guild leader, have more of a responsibility than anyone to take renown. And so I do. Yet it is not always that simple.

As a result of that conversation, I’ve made a list. An end reward triage algorithm. I don’t know if it is in final form, I’m probably not thinking of everything that could be in an end reward. I don’t check the list while I am playing, it has never been something formal, rather always in my head, vaguely helping me order things that need ordering. Until now:

  1. Tomes *
  2. Anything that is good enough to trade for a top-shelf item
  3. Renown: Legendary Victory
  4. Any character-favorite weapons good enough to equip on one of my characters at end game or stash while the character levels
  5. Renown: Impressive Trophy
  6. Major Mnemonic
  7. Any non-weapon items good enough to stash in a bank while one of my characters levels
  8. Anything I can sell on the Shard Exchange (for any number of shards)
  9. Anything I can sell on the Auction House (for significant plat)
  10. Items with colored slots for crafting blank material
  11. Renown: Tales of Valor
  12. Anything that will deconstruct at level 6 or better
  13. Anything I can sell on the Auction House (for any amount of plat)
  14. Renown: Heroic Deeds
  15. Anything

* I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a tome in an end reward list, I think not, but if I did, it would go here.

I don’t put much effort into Heroic Deeds. I can see the argument that I always ought to take Renown over plat, since plat is easier to acquire than renown. But I just can’t get excited about 50 points. I just can’t.


What do you do when you are facing an end reward list?

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  1. Unless there’s something really really interesting in the list (and to be honest since U19 there hasn’t been anything getting me really excited apart from the odd STAT item) I go for guild renown.

    But then again, we’re in competition to overtake the Defense Guild’s level πŸ˜›

  2. Let’s see. If it’s a tome that I can use on any of my toons, or it’s unbound, I pick tome first, 2nd mayor mana pot. I’m always in need of mana pots, so I always pick mayor mana pots over most other things. 3rd I pick renown. If there’s no renown I usually pick something to vendor. Seldom do I pick items I’ll use, but it happens on occasion.

  3. Yes, tomes can drop on end reward lists. I’ve pulled +3 int tome from IQ1 and +3 upgrade tome from Invaders! among others.

    My priorities are usually: tomes > “mystical” crafting materials > major mana pots > loot with affix I want (paralyzing etc) > reknown (any type) > anything else. Since the things with higher priority than reknown are not common, I pick up reknown most of the times.

  4. To be honest, I always pick loot that’s sellable for good monies over renown.

  5. 1. Named Items, Tomes,etc. If I want them of course (anything rare really once i got a nice stack of the ddostore ingredients)
    2. Items that are better than what I’m, currently using
    3. Mana Pots
    4. Renown (except heroic deeds)
    5. Deconstruction stuff
    6. Heroic Deeds

  6. I think in 95 out of 100 endreward lists i take renown. Any of them, even the heroic deeds. The 5 that i would not take renown have “rare” items that i take over renown such as Maj Mem pots, +2 and higher stat tomes and the very rare rare-item/weapon drops. Being a guildleader, and not having as much gametime as other guildies i feel obligated to keep renown incoming from my side.

  7. 1. Renown
    2. See 1
    3. There is no 3. Report for physical correction for ignoring option 1 and 2.

  8. 1. Tomes.
    2. Special Ingredients.
    3. Major Mana Pots.
    4. Guild Renown.
    5. Everything else.

    3 and 4 do swap around a bit depending on the renown being offered, most of the time I take guild renown because it is the most useful thing there 9 times out of 10 and that is because it’s only a level 60 guild with only a few active players so we need all the renown we can get.

  9. Just my two cents, but I think I may be the only one who can probably count on their fingers the number of times they’ve chosen the guild renown. I mean I seriously couldn’t care less about it; hooray, you got 50 out of 5,000,000,000 you need to level up and it’s just going to decay away anyway (yes, I know that’s turned off this summer, but somehow I don’t see Turbine letting it go that easily). And then what does guild renown get you? A meaningless number next to your guild name and the permission to buy temporary worthless or incredibly cheaty (depending upon which end of the level spectrum you are) buffs that need to be refreshed constantly and always seem to disappear whenever there’s even a hiccup on the server.

    Nah, I’ll take my random-gen trash item that will net me a nigh-inconsequential amount of pocket-plat and get me an imperceptable way closer to being able to fully use a forgotten and deprecated crafting system. πŸ˜‰

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