Sep 022010

So far I’ve experienced (and – obviously – survived)

  • Tornado
  • Forest fire
  • Flood
  • Blizzard

I slept through an earthquake. I just don’t feel right adding it to the list. Maybe someday 🙁

Next up:

Hurricane Earl

Everyone’s good buddy Earl is going to stop by and spend the night. And it appears he is going to count as a full-on hurricane this time!

Still to come:

  • Avalanche
  • Comet strike

p.s. I technically have three hurricanes on my life list but by the time they got to where I was they hardly counted

p.p.s. Not really looking forward to the comet strike. Maybe I can just skip that one?

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  1. Good luck during the hurricane!

    I was hit by Hurricane Ike a couple years ago here, and was without power, running water, and hot food for 3 months too. It sucked and we had a lot of damage & loss from it, but at least my family made it through.

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