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Subtitle: I Went to a DDO Press Tour And All I Got Was This Lousy Screenshot

I was so excited to be included in an actual DDO press tour of the Stormhorn Mountains portion of the upcoming new expansion pack. So excited! I had to take off work but that’s okay, totally going to be worth it, right?

I don’t know what I was expecting. Celebrities? A stage show? Free T-shirts? I don’t know, but it seemed very special and mysterious and I felt very special and privileged to be included.

Then the event happened. It is hard to imagine anything less glamorous. Basically, it is a Twitch.Tv event, just like logging into Twitch.Tv any other time. I’m not big into watching other people play games, I’d rather just play them myself, but that’s what Twitch.Tv is. A continuous screenshot of someone playing a game.

In this case, they were playing DDO. Beta DDO, including a Purple Dragon Knight fighter and a Shadar Kai rogue. Both of which were exploring the new Stormhorn Mountains.

This was stuff I’d never seen, and it is pretty cool.

I had all these weird and unrealistic expectations. Dancing girls? Starlets? I remain uncertain about my press tour expectations, but I know it wasn’t close to what really was happening.

I’m not even sure I was really supposed to be there. Are fans normally allowed at the press tour? I was honest about who I was, but still, were they just being too polite to tell me to get my fan ass out of there and wait for the release like every other fan?

This all led to a vague unease, nothing bad, I am painting a picture that is more dramatic than was the reality, yet there I was, vaguely uneasy, and off my game for the remainder of the session.

My sound and video was a contributing factor. Sig and Anne (from DDOCast) and I were all on Skype the whole time so we could share our thoughts. But Skype is such a resource hog, it degrades whatever else you are doing on your PC, and this was no exception. My version of Twitch.TV was jumpy and laggy and I had difficulty hearing the Turbine folks.

But I soldiered on. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t good, and I would often spend two-to-five seconds staring at one frame, frozen, while wondering what the hell the presenter just said.

I didn’t even write down who the presenters were. Because I am bad at this. I know Amanda Grow (Tolero) was there but otherwise I’ve lost track. Shame on me, names are the basic building blocks of stories. I am not cut out for reportage.

I am taking screenshots like crazy, or so I think, but not really. About halfway through I realize that just I’ve been pressing the [Prt Scr] button but that isn’t actually doing anything. In DDO, that is how I take screenshots, and DDO automatically exports them to a folder as JPG files. But I am not playing DDO, I am watching it, and [Prt Scr] does not export files anywhere.

In other words, all of the screenshots I’d taken in the first half of the demo to share with you are all gone, not really taken at all. Even the screenshot at the top of this article is a re-creation.

See what I mean about my reportage skills? Or rather, lack of reportage skills? I guess I should be happy I caught myself while the press tour was ongoing; I could have come away with no screenshots at all.

When I did finally remember to ask questions in chat, they could/should have been lofty reporter-type questions, but all I could think of was silly fanboi questions. How do we get to the quests? How do we swap between worlds? That kind of thing.

It makes sense, really, as I am not a reporter. I am a fan.

Not to worry , I did see some coolness that I was able to remember well enough to share. And there are those few but carefully hoarded screenshots.

Let’s recap:

  • Didn’t get names
  • Didn’t take notes of any kind
  • Didn’t get useful screenshots for at least half the tour
  • Didn’t ask any decent questions
  • Didn’t hear most of what was said

At least, when I am going to be bad at something, I am very good at being bad. Not bad in a good way either, just bad, very bad.

I want to point out that the badness is all me. Sig and Anne were nice enough to invite me along, and thank you. Turbine let me stay, answered all my questions, and did a fine job presenting the new quests. And thank you to Turbine too.

It was me, all me.

I am very, very good at being very, very bad.

🙂 😀 🙂

p.s. All of this did result in a DDO preview article. If you missed it, you can find it here.

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  1. A real reporter would just make up facts and pretend that he/she is writing from a place of neutrality… 🙂

    • Welcome to “Whose Scoop is it, Anyway?” Where the reports are made up and the facts don’t matter. 😉

    • Oh. Well then the presenter was Sean Connery and everyone who has ever lived should buy at least one copy of Shadowfell Conspiracy.

      Actually that last part may be true.

  2. Generally you aren’t a good reporter until you’ve made every mistake it’s possible to make. So, in that regard, you’re well on your way to success! 🙂

  3. your screenshots may still be on your clipboard. open paint and paste/save them

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