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Feb 092016


What do you do when you have two guilds, one larger one smaller, full of people who like playing together? The obvious answer is to merge them. But what if one of them is Halfing-only? Hmmmm. Can’t really ask people to abandon the characters they’ve been working for years, especially since this happened long before TRs and wooden hearts and all that.

Back then, you either played the character with the race it had or you deleted it and re-rolled. Deleting is extreme. Not the kind of thing you ask a friend to do without very good reason (and no, a guild merge is not good enough).

This is how we ended up with two guilds. One for our Halflings, and one for our other characters. Except mainly we played our Halflings.

Fast forward several years, and the Halfling Commandos have finally hit level 100, rocking a Daedalean Kraken replete with the very latest in buffs and accessories. Meanwhile, the other guild, Torchwood (the Dr. Who reference is not an accident) languishes in the 40s with an airship that (by comparison at least) feels … small.

Time to do something about this. And so our brave heroes set aside one day per week to play exclusively Torchwood characters, planning to pursue sagas and guild renown with the same fervor that has previously been reserved for the Commandos.

Except this means I have to play my Torchwood character. A warforged named “Exterminate Exterminate”, a mixed Fighter/Paladin/Rogue that was quite striking back in the day when he was created but is pretty common now. A decent build that hits over his weight and has … adequate? … survivability? One of the benefits of running in this group is the knowledge that there will always be a cleric; Exterminate is not required to build for total self-healing.

But oh my god he is so BIG!

Maybe this can only happen to someone who has been playing halflings for ten years, but this dude just lumbers across most of my screen. It seems like he fills the UI; I cannot jump with him accurately, he seems slow and awkward, sometimes I marvel that he fits through doors at all.

He is humongous.

He takes up a very significant percentage of my pixels, even in high definition


Humongously filling the UI

So many pixels!


He towers over his companions


Dancing Humongously

Dancing humongously


The comparison of warforged and halfling side-by-side is just ridiculous


Humongously humongous

One of these things is not like the other


Here, look at it in the character selection screen:


Humongous and Mawry

The difference is even more striking in full size.
Click the image to see


See what I mean? Sometimes I cannot even see what I am hitting; it is too far beneath me, I have to tilt the camera down just to see it.

So big. So ungainly. So … humongous. I should have named him Humongous Exterminate or something.


πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Wait until you try and get his bulk up the platforms in Coalescence Chamber πŸ˜€

    • Try being nimble in the Pit…
      (I have enough trouble when my druids are in wild shapes, let along not being in halfling shape…)

  2. Nobody believes me, but you surely will. With Geoff’s comparison people will start to realize I’m right. Warforged aren’t sentient constructs. They are Mecha and the pilots are halflings! The reason you never see a dead halfling fall out is they have an excellent emergency escape system. When the Mech detect imminent destruction, the emergency teleport spell is activated and the pilot is sent back home all safe and sound.

  3. Funny you mention this. Am planning a nude run in the near future and was planning on a WF. Tried out one on a different server to see what it was like and it felt huge and ungainly. I have decided to do a different approach and it will be halfling!

  4. Yeah, you can definitely “feel” the size difference. The only other character that I have that feels just as large as my warforged characters is my half-orc.

  5. And Mawry is even a TR. Is Exterminate also a TR?

    • Nope. Mawry is a completionist. Exterminate is first-life. I shudder to think that it is only going to get worse. Humongous ++

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