May 212013



Good day my fellow humans!

I am here, proud among you all, to announce a joining of all Human Commando type units to hereby be called ‘Human Commandos United’! Now, I know what you must be wondering. Just who and what are the ‘Human Commandos’? Well, Ill tell you! We, the Human Commandos, are the defenders of the Human Race! What do we defend our fellow Humans from? From the disease of the small people of course! We defend you from those savage little mud hut dwellers day and night making sure they know we are twice what they will ever be in every way!

Interested in signing up? Good! A nice little bonus to the conqoring of these so called ‘Halflings’ is that they, when prepared properly, are quite tastey! Oh, I know some of you might find the concept of eating another humanoid as odd or wrong, but I can offer proof that what I claim is true! That tastey morsel of meat you had on your way in? It was Halfling! Now before we move on to more pressing matters, if you are interested in signing up, please sign this form and hand it to that nice lady over there. Thank you all and have a nice day!

Long live the Human Commandos!

You are hereby ordered, by royal decree from Empress Mizzaroo, to click here

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