Jun 072015

The Mizza Zone

So, Ive been away from blogging, again, for a while. SORRY! Well, not really. But, you know. Thats just how the cookie crumbles.

Welp, since I was last on here, Ive played a fair amount of games, almost breaking out of the letter ‘A’. Cant remember if I mentioned it, but Ive decided to tackle my games in alphabetical order. Why? Because Im bad at ordering things. Except alphabetical. I can alphabatize anything. And everything. Its kinda like an OCD. Only not, thankfully.

First game was Army Of Two: Devils Cartel. Not as good as the first game but still a fair amount of fun with alot of one liners that made me laugh. The story in the game was pretty meh. Almost like they went out of their way to make as little story as they possibly could. But, for me, the biggest issue was the two main dudes. They just werent really fun or have the same dynamic that Salem and Rios did in the first game. The biggest plus, though, was the customizable masks. That was something I had fun with.

After that, I moved onto Bully. I originally played Bully on my PS2 but at some point traded it in because money. I really enjoy Bully. Theres something about running around slapping ‘Kick Me’ signs on people and punching the occasional person in the dick thats just really appealing to me. That and kissing girls gives you bonus health. Which is so true! So get out there and get kissing!

After that I went back to the A’s and played Assassins Creed: Brotherhood. It was a pretty great improvment over the first game with the addition of recruiting people to the assassin order to fight alongside you.

Then, I moved onto Assassins Creed: Revelations. It was essentially the same game as the last but taking place in the Ottoman Empire(cant remember where exactly). It was still as fun as the last two but just a bit lacking. It was also the last one to follow the story of Ezio, whos easily become one of my favorite video game characters.

Next up was Assassins Creed 3. This one took place in colonial America before and during the American Revolution. The game itself was pretty fun I just didnt really dig the characters or the story. It all felt really flat. Probably doesnt help that the voice actors relayed their lines in a flat monotone voice. I mean, some they nailed but more often than not, it was just dull to hear them speak. The main character was half Native American so his main weapons of choice were a bow and a Tomohawk. Running around with the Tomohawk was the greatest time of my life on the game. I went all kinds of Mel Gibson on them red coat asses! Its also the last one to follow the Desmond story(the one that takes place in reality). After finishing the game, I wasnt really happy with the ending. It felt really anti climatic and could really have been done better.

Currently Im working on getting through Assassins Creed: Black Flag and after I finish it, its onto Dead Island. ZOMBIES ARE YUMMY!

In real life, I have only two days left of school this term then I take one more term but this time with a heavier class load. So Im gonna be busy busy busy. Also a few months ago I started a diet because I gained some bad weight after my mum died and have seen great results! Which makes me happy. HAPPY I SAY!

Since no one gave any suggestions as to what else I should write about, thats all the blog I gots. Yup!


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    Well, waffles can be somewhat anti-diet.. So.. diet waffles!

  2. I never playde Assassins Creed 3 but I always wanted to. It looked very cool.

    • It is. If you can tolerate a fair number of the games lines being delivered in a flat tone, it’s still fun.

  3. BOB!!! NO WAFFS!!!

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