Feb 292012

The new Effects text messages are really very helpful when trying to determine if your gear is working effectively. But they are also very good at completely filling your general chat window and making it impossible to read anything else.

This procedure will remove the Effects text messages from your General chat window, but these same techniques can be used to completely customize your chat interfaces.

Step 1: Right click on the General tab, directly on the word “General”. This will open the Chat Options submenu as shown below.

Step 2: Select “Create New Window”. This will create an all-new text tab in your chat area named “Default1”

Step 3: Right-click on the new Default1 tab to open up the Chat Options submenu again. Choose “Rename”. It is not easy to tell from the visual cues, but you are now able to backspace to clear Default1 and can type in whatever tab name you wish. I am using “Effects” since we are creating an Effects text tab. I also did some shuffling of the tab order to get the image you see below but will have to explain that in another tutorial.

Step 4: Right-click on the new Effects tab to open up the Chat Options submenu again. Select “Set Incoming Text Types” to open up the Text Types submenu as shown below. Each of thest text types is really a toggle: if the text type is checked, then that type of text will display in the current tab.

Step 5: Un-check all of the text types in the Text Type Submenu. Note that you will have to repeat Step 4 for each type you are un-checking, it can’t be done en masse.

Step 6: Repeat step 4 but this time check the text type “Effects”. When done, only Effects text will appear in this tab.

Step 7: Go back to the General tab and right-click it again to bring up the Chat Options submenu. Select “Set Incoming Text Types” to open the Text Type submenu. Locate and un-check the text type “Effects”

When completed, all of your effects text will be directed to the Effects tab where you can only see it when you intentionally choose to do so.

Now you can effect your Effects to affect with greater effectiveness!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Thank you very much. Having a paladin character myself, this is something that troubled me since the update and so this is a very useful solution.

  2. Yeah, one of the first things I did was eliminate the effects from general chat ASAP. I have yet to create a new tab for it though. I run around with two chat windows, and created an extra tab just for Loot some time ago, just gotta unlazy myself and do a few clicks…

  3. I have windows for each; general, party, guild, combat, trade and it works nicely. The effects haven’t been bothering me but might move them to another window.

    What I would love, however is moving loot to another window. As a first lifer I wouldn’t want to miss loot rolls but team messages get lost in the “xxxx loots xxxx from the chest”, any advice?

  4. Made a new Window for ‘Effects’ on my first login after U13, also got a Window for ‘Loot’ and ‘NPC’ on all of my characters. Much clicking to uncheck all those Windows. 😛

  5. Maybe the audience of people who read this blog is more text-chat savvy than the general audience?

  6. Heh, I thought this as a very good post and referred it to a friend as well.

    Seems “Loot” option solves my issue as well, nice!

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