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How To Create Your Own DDO Splashscreen

I am the sort that likes to tinker. Not with hardware; I am capable of disassembling an engine and re-assembling it (no, really, I am, I’ve done it), but I don’t like to. I have nothing but admiration for the do-it-yourselfers that want to eke one more horsepower out of something, or weld something in a new way, or create other tangible tinkering. But I am not that kind of tinker: I like to tinker with software. For instance, DDO.

Have you ever noticed that when your character changes zones, you see a splash screen advertising something DDO-related? Generally, an Adventure Pack? I have, noting that they change, we don’t see the same one every time. So I tinkered. And discovered.

Want to build your own splash screen? I did. Here’s how:

The process is super simple, although I will probably make it seem more complicated than it is.

  1. Find (or make) an image you want to use as a splash screen
  2. Find the folder where Turbine keeps their splash screens
  3. Replace one or more of Turbine’s with your own

Super simple, right? But of course there are some details.

1. Find (or make) an image you want to use as a splash screen

Test image I made a test image but you can use anything. An in-game screenie. Porn. Your favorite kitten pic. Anything.

All of Turbine’s images are jpg. I probably should have tried a png just to see what would happen but I did not. So for now, jpg only.

All of Turbine’s images are 1024×768. Similar to the jpg, this may not really be a requirement. But I sized my images to 1024×768 too, it’s easy to do, and why not? [Edit] Reader LeadHero has more on this in the comment section below.

2. Find the folder where Turbine keeps their splash screens

In my case it was in folder C:\ProgramData\Turbine\DDO Unlimited\raw\en\logo. I imagine the \raw\en\logo part is invariant, but your DDO installation choices may influence the rest of the path.

3. Replace one or more of Turbine’s with your own

I suspect one could simply delete one of Turbine’s images, copy in your own, and rename it to whatever the name of the file you deleted was. But I took a less memory-intensive path by opening Turbine’s image in an image editor, pasting my own image over the top, and then saving with the original file name.

I suspect that the file name is the only important part of all this. Your image needs to have one of the existing Turbine file names. I made mine ddo_generic_teleport_screen_2.jpg.

There is no step 4. All you have to do now is play DDO, and wait. Eventually, your image will be selected during a zone change:
Your own splash screen
Fun, huh?

My Gamer Girl thinks this could make an ideal drinking game. Make a screen that says “your turn to pour” and put it in both of our machines. When it shows up, hey, your turn to pour! This would be better suited for a couple of our guildmates: Oh the hilarity were it only possible for me to insert such an image onto their PCs remotely! But alas no.

Still fun though.

But there is a caveat: Turbine infrequently changes the contents of the logos folder, and if they do, your image(s) could go away. It doesn’t happen often, my custom screens have survived Updates 24 and 25, but it does happen.

It might be a good idea to copy your images off to a backup folder that is not in the Turbine directory structure so that you can copy them back in should Turbine erase something.

Your turn to pour!

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  1. I’m too lazy to play around with that, but nice tutorial 🙂

  2. Sounds accurate.

  3. I am SO doing this!

    Wonder if I could get the rest of the Flower Sniffers to give it a go as well… as much as one of us *koff*Shin*koff* gets stuck on load screens, we could probably have some fun with this on Guild Night.

  4. One has to actually MAKE it to guild night in order to have some fun on guild night, I haven’t been exactly reliable in that category as of late. 🙁

  5. Not sure why this didn’t occur to me earlier…

  6. Totally making this happen!

  7. My first attempt gave me a rather squashed looking result. This is how to get correctly proportioned screens regardless of monitor resolution. When I have the game running my screenshot resolution is about 1900×1000. If I crop it, I make sure the end result is the same ratio; I then add all my effects, text and what not then resize the result to 1024 x 768. Unlock the ‘keep same ratio’ button to do this. The end result is distorted, but when it comes up in game, it is correctly displayed. Make note of the location of the DDO logo and the message at the bottom so it doesn’t interfere with your own content.

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