Dec 282013

The Mizza Zone

Very disapointing book to say the least. Three times Ive read it and not once have I found within its pages the secret to kill mockingbirds! I mean really! Its just rude to write a ‘How To’ book without actually telling me how to do something! Seriously! I wanna kill those damned mockingbirds but I gotta know the secrets to doing it first! *Sigh* Aww well.

So, Christmas came and passed… ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS AGAIN!! YAY!!!

I started my week the way I normally do. Woke up. Scratched my butt. Took a shower. Went to work. Ate some cheese. Went home. Played some vijo games. Went to bed. To be honest, it was all really rather intense.

Video gamewise, I didnt do a whole lot. I wish I had done more but it can wait a while.

I started the week playing SWtOR, as usual. Started out on my Trooper but decided to switch over to my Bounty Hunter. My switch over to Imp side is only temporary. Ive been having problems with one of the people in the guild Im in and dont know how to go about resolving it. So, Ive decided to take a temporary leave of absence from pub side until Im comfortable enough to return. After a while I got bored again and decided to do some Yule on LotRO.

That didnt last long either. You see, I have this problem. When Im awake, I have to be doing something. I almost never know what Im going to be doing, but Im always doing something. Sitting around doing nothing simply agitates me. Makes me all crazy in the face. So, I didnt want to play LotRO, I didnt want to play SWtOR, I didnt want to play DDO. So, whats a Natalie to do?!

Well, she decided there was another F2P MMO out there on the magical thing that we call the in-ter-web-zzz. I simply call it ‘The Mystical Magical Uber Awesome Cupcake Making Coma Inducing Mizzaweb’. Or, TMMUACMCIM for short. The past, Id say, monthish, the ever so awesome(and old) Comic Relief has brought up Star Trek Online to me at various points. So I decided to give it a try!

I actually really enjoy it. The graphics are dated, but thats fine to me. To be honest, graphics can be pretty but actual gameplay isnt generally affected by how good the graphics are. And if graphics ARE what determines how fun a game is for you, theres always Call of Duty, Battlefield & Medal of Honor for you to play. I cant really say what it is that I do and dont like about it yet as Ive only played for, according to Steam, 18 hours. I did play long enough to reach LT Commander on my Starfleet character. I decided that since Im allowed 3 character slots, one character for each faction(Starfleet, Klingon & Romulan) would be the best way to play the game fully. Yeah, I took screenshots. And yup, Im gonna share them!


This is my Romulan, Jijlak


This is my Orion, Nurzi

T'Paal Duty

This is my Vulcan, T’Paal in her duty uniform

T'Paal Combat

This is my Vulcan, T’Paal, again, but this time in her combat outfit

Both of my screenshots of T’Paal are outdated in the sense that my bridge crew officers all have armor and better weapons equipped now. Also, she is in possession of a different, better, ship too. When she hit LT Commander, I used my free ship thingy and picked the upgraded version of the ship Kirk Captained. Combatwise, it was the best option.

Anyways, thats about all I did this week. Hope everyone had great weeks and a merry Christmas! Also, have a safe New Years if you celebrate that too!


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  1. The ships look cool. 🙂

  2. Yeah! I thought so too. Theyre alot cooler looking than the ships you get over on SWTOR. But, then again, Star Wars ships arent really made to look cool I suppose.

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