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[Edit 03/08/206] This page is getting a lot of hits today. If you have a launcher error today – TODAY, March 8 2016 – it is because Turbine is moving DDO to new servers. Check here for information, or here if you have issues after 1700 EDT tonight when the move is expected to be complete.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled article which is nearly three years old and talking about an entirely different issue that (as far as I know) should no longer exist.

For the second time in six months (or is it the third?), Turbine has released a game launcher that doesn’t launch the game. While this latest problem didn’t make the live servers, it did get released to Lamannia, essentially another live server where we are actively encouraged to play.

There are two workarounds. One requires some technical ability, one does not.

I find launcher bugs to be the most annoying bugs of all. Partly because one cannot play the game at all when the launcher doesn’t work, and partly because they seem even more cavalier on Turbine’s part than usual. Yes, we get new bugs all the time. Yes this is a complicated game and hard to test. But no one – no tester, no developer, no one – thought to actually try booting the game up?

But I digress. This is not a bug rant post. This is a how-to-workaround-a-bug post.

I am calling the latest bug the “Bad Turbine Invoker Bug” because it is so pernicious that it needs a name. Not everyone has this bug, my understanding is that only players who downloaded the Lamannia update from late May got it.

Bear in mind that all of us were urged to download that update but … grr … I am slipping into rant mode again. Stop it Geoff!

If you have this bug, launching DDO Lamannia will not do anything. You may hear your disk spin up, and you will notice CPU burden (if you are the type who checks for those things) but nothing else. The game does not launch, no matter how long you may wait. Go get coffee if you want; you won’t be missing anything.

The bug will never correct; since it prevents logging into the servers, it won’t ever be updated by a later version. Your Lamannia install is most thoroughly and permanently screwed.

If you are comfortable mucking about in your Windows Task Manager, you can see the bug in operation.

Invoker Runs Amok
The Turbine Invoker runs amok

Open Task Manager and switch to the Processes tab. Scroll about until you find TurbineLauncher. Apparently this component exists to call another component named TurbineInvoker. Except in this case, the second component is flawed and simply exits, forcing the launcher to invoke it again. This loop continues endlessly. It can’t even be killed; an undead never-ending process that will use up CPU cycles forever and still never produce anything DDO-gaming-session-related.

If you are not technical, the only way to stop this loop is to reboot your computer.

If you are technical, you may stop the loop by browsing to your DDO Lamannia folder, locating the file TurbineInvoker.exe, and renaming it to something else. Anything else.

Invoker Renamed
Renamed, the endlessly running beast is tamed

You will be rewarded with an error dialog:

Invoker Defeated!
Dead at last

So now you’ve saved your computer from endless futility but still are not in the game. More steps remain:

The simplest and least technical solution is to uninstall DDO Lamannia, re-download the latest version, and reinstall. I did not say this was the fastest or easiest but it is the simplest and requires no technical skill.

If you are even vaguely aware of how computer file systems work, you will instead want to browse about until you locate another copy of TurbineInvoker.exe. Either look in your main DDO folder (NOT the Lamannia folder!) or in your backup folder which probably has a path like c:\program files\turbine\ddo unlimited\backup

It’s still in beta!
Bugs in beta shouldn’t count
Coder’s battlecry

Recapping the phone-support-style non-technical workaround:

  • Reboot your computer
  • Uninstall DDO Lamannia
  • Re-download the latest version
  • Reinstall DDO Lamannia

Recapping the slightly more tech-savvy (and way faster) workaround:

  • Locate the TurbineInvoker.exe file in your DDO Lamannia folder
  • Rename it
  • Click through the popup error dialog
  • Locate a different TurbineInvoker.exe file, probably from your main DDO Unlimited folder
  • Copy it into the Lamannia folder

So there you go. My thanks to Anne Trent, I would not have known to do this if she hadn’t mentioned it during a DDOCast episode. Either episode 290 or 291? Regardless, the point is that this is not something that people are going to instinctively try out and find.

But now you know too.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Now these points of data make a beautiful line.
    And we’re out of beta.
    We’re releasing on time.
    So I’m GLaD I got burned.
    Think of all the things we learned
    for the people who are still alive.

  2. I took the TurbineLauncher.exe and created a desktop shortcut. Then right click > select Properties > select Short cut tab > click on Advanced Button > and make sure “Run as Administrator” is selected. Depending on your setup, this should by pass the TurbineInvoker.exe call.

  3. You know, I bet a TurbineConjuror.exe or TurbineNecromancer.exe wouldn’t cause this sort of problem. You never can trust those flamebrained Invokers!

  4. I go and load lamannia and a Error window comes up saying ” Internal Error, please contact customer support.” Could this be same pormblem or no?

  5. I don’t think so. I think Lamannia is down.

  6. I don’t see those processes in my task manager, and I still can not get the installer to work as I constantly get the error message “no internet connectivity detected. Please try again”

    • You do not have this bug Joanne, you have something else. Have you checked your firewall to see if you gave the launcher permission to access the internet?

      I think you will get better info from the tech support forum than I can supply. Do you need a link?

      • Hi
        I have added PMB.exe and ddohigh.exe to the exception list in Windows Firewall. I have added the same files to Trend Internet Security, and even the http://www.pandonetworks.com website to the allowed list on Trend, just as the DDO Support people have told me to. I currently have all non microsoft services and startup items disabled (through msconfig). I even added port 52733 that PMB uses to Windows Firewall exception list. My only other option appears to be to uninstall Trend, but I don’t see why I should have to when it’s completely disabled at the moment, and even so, I still can’t get the installer to recognise my internet connection. 🙁

        • I don’t know anything about Trend so cannot help you there. Have you posted the details of your problem on the support forum?


          • Thanks Geoff, I’m checking out that website now. However, I’ve never downloaded the Lamannia server before, and I have the regular game that plays no problem. Can I just get any old launcher and get access to Lamannia then, or can I only download ddohigh.exe to get Lamannia? I know that I have to install the game in a different location to the original game, but as I said before, can any file like ddostandard.exe still get me access to Lamannia?

          • I’ve never tried that, I don’t know. Sorry 🙁

  7. All of my games like DDO (which I got from the official DDO site, not Steam) to my Steam games like Cry of Fear, Codename Cure, etc… will not launch. I get a message about re-installing Turbine Launcher might fix it, or something like that. What to do? The only game that launches is Dead Frontier.

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