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Warning: This method is kind of cheesy in that it uses metagaming to heighten successes per minute. Not an exploit, but not straight-on purist either.

On the other hand, a purist wouldn’t be farming something twenty times in a row either.

So now, with that all said, here’s how I figured out how to solo Time is Money indefinitely, on Epic 25, with any level 20 character.

I tested with a caster (Ejecta level 20 wizard), a melee (Knicker level 21 barbarian), and even an off-beat multi-class (Oriental, monk12/wizard8). I never even remembered to get ship buffs first.


  1. Enter the quest and go east at the first intersection
  2. Check for purples
  3. If none, recall and repeat
  4. Otherwise clear to the east and mine
  5. Victory

Yes I know that seriously uberfolk will laugh at this, and there are other methods that might complete all five stars. But I am not seriously uber, most other ways to do this are not solo methods, and all of them are a lot harder, probably requiring a caster. This method doesn’t require any of that.

The Grisly Details:

I bring a healer hireling and an Onyx Panther. I don’t think these are required but you will be fighting 8-16 CR25 bad guys and help is appropriate.

  • Step 1: Enter quest, load hirelings
  • Step 2: Run to the first intersection (illustrated in the exploded map above) and look to the east
  • Step 3: While standing at the easternmost torch, if you cannot see any purple crystals, recall (see illustration “Look Here”)
Purples here
Look here

There seem to be purples here on roughly one in four attempts. Meaning you will recall more often than not. See? Metagaming. Characters would not know that purples will eventually appear in a convenient location if you keep trying. But players do.

I’m okay with the recalls, it takes less than 30 seconds to reconnoiter, recall, and restart. On the other hand, failing this challenge while looking for purples in other locations takes five minutes and (potentially) uses all kinds of resources.

  • Step 4: Pull up all of the torches on the north and west sides (marked with yellow ‘X’ on the map)
  • Step 5: While doing step 4, buff yourself and your hirelings (you will definitely want Deathward; if nothing else, take Heystack or other hireling cleric that has it)
  • Step 6: Often a small number of Drow will attack while you are pulling torches. If so, kill them all
  • Step 7: Buy a teleporter and five torches from the Kobold Foreman
  • Step 8: Extend the eastern torchline until you reach water
  • Step 9: Kill the wolves at the water

There are two or three, but you cannot see them until they attack unless you have an amazing Spot skill. Try to keep the fight at the water; if it drifts further east you may agro a group of Drow prematurely

  • Step 10: Head east to the campfire and attack the Drow – clear the casters

There are five Drow, but occasionally three others will drift in and join the fight. The casters will immediately put on Mass Death Ward and then spam Energy Drain and AOE DPS spells including blade barrier. Take the Witch Doctor first as it will heal the others.

  • Step 11: Plant the teleporter

Once you have the Drow casters out, drop the teleporter in the glowing circle that is just north of the campfire. Once you’ve planted the teleporter, you can finish clearing the Drow archers and meleers without spooking the kobolds.

Occasionally there is a big cluster of purples south of the campfire. If so, run a torchline from the teleporter south.

  • Step 12: Win

That should be it. You may have a late attack on the center but this is rare. If so, you can use the teleporter yourself, jumping back and forth between the center and the east as needed.

The Aftermath:

Since you defeated the challenge, you’ll be fully recharged with health and mana and ready to go again immediately. You’re also earning a little over 1K XP per minute (even with the recalls), and 100-150 Crystallized Magma Shards per success.

I’m not a big fan of farming. When I have to, I prefer to do it in a group. But sometimes there is no choice, and when I am forced to farm solo, I at least want to be sure that I win! This may be a timidly meta-gaming win, but it is a win.

A definite win.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Gonna give this a shot tonight w/my lvl 20 Kenai fighter!

  2. One could argue that everyone metagames – if you run a quest enough times, then you know where all the traps, mobs, and pitfalls are and can avoid them. Plus, you’ve probably figured out a strategy that works “most of the time” and when PUG-ing, can relay that info to first-time runners. So – metagaming. I see nothing wrong with that.

  3. Very good tips. Sometimes is good collecting the torches in the start, just when you enter the quest, because the kobs can bring mobs into the challenge start from north and west.
    And my recall rate is lesser than 1/2, so i think I was being luckier than you in my last tries.

  4. I used to do it like this but now i’ve changed tactics.i wait for the koblods to come back, buy a teleporter 5 koblods and 5 barrels.I then collect all torches except the ones from the teleporter to the foreman.I then go straight to the bridge and jump down to the other bridge on the left (I need a haste pot to make it).In the cavern to the left of the bridge has always been a teleport spot up til now.(also 80% of the time some resistance)Plop the teleporter down.The advantage is that you’re on your way to get the 200* teleport star.From here you have many options for purples: either on the bridge, right at the teleport spot,in the far cavern across the brigde and even sometimes up the cavern which is only a short way from the starting point.(some cleaning required)

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