Apr 112011

I’ve gradually come to realize that I can’t continue to show a thumbnail of every MMOtivational image I’ve ever done on every page of this blog, forever. Archiving is in my future*.

* Not my future, but rather my immediate past, as I’ve just finished creating a new MMOtivational Archive page and moving most of the posters from the main page widget to the archive page

But it set me to wondering. How many MMOtivational posters are there? (Answer: 45).

The introduction of numbers into my brain always leaves it wanting more. Unbidden, more questions popped in. Some I could answer using Photobucket, the site where I host my image, others are hidden away inside the WordPress MU admin pages. A few were culled from Go Stats, the stat-gathering service I use and the reason there is a counter on my page.

Word Map of this blog

But the most hardcore stats had to be gathered by manually copying all of the blog entries into a Word document. On the plus side, this made it very convenient to provide the words to Wordle and generate the lovely word map you see above.

Some numbers:

  • Total number of posts: 234 – a cool number all by itself!
  • Comments made on posts: 363
  • Ratings made on posts: 703 – only 190 of them were me rating myself!🙂
  • Total words: 44502 – so I’m a little opinionated…
  • Pages if laid out in a single Word doc: 125
  • Total image file views: 969830 – mind boggling – but includes forum posts and so forth
  • Unique visitors: 31852 – even more mind boggling – and is this blog only

But the best result was the word map.

Apparently “Level” means a lot to me. I also learned that I am over-using the words “really”, “just”, “way”, “going”, and “still”. As in really, just way over-using them. Yet still.

As lovely as the image may be, and as distracting as it is to wonder why words like “Level” have such prominence, it is a bit reassuring that the emphasis of the writing in this space is exactly as intended: the game, character building, and running quests.

I wish “fun” was a little bigger. 🙂 Working on this blog is something I really enjoy.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Maybe you could find a way to post a blog where you force yourself to use the word ‘fun’ as many times as possible, but in a way that makes sense =D

  2. Hey that would be FUN!

  3. Yes it would sir! Very FUN!

  4. FUNny stuff, but a FUNdamental question (on FUNctionality) is if all forms of “FUN” (such as “FUNny”) count, or only the actual word “FUN”? And if others use “FUN” in a comment, do any of those “FUNs” count?

    Of course, it’d be easy to FUNnel into a FUNgi infested mess of FUNereal (that’s “fyoo-NEER-ee-ul”) FUNky-ness. But it would be amusing… I mean, FUN. 😉

    Maybe I’ll FUNgo, since I’m currently out of FUNds (for the batting cages).

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