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Artificer Mawry
Look out devils! This version of Mawry has a rune arm!

On November 17, 2009, I TR’d my beloved little Halfling Commando Mawry for the first time and set out on the path of Completionism. Four-and-a-half years later, I win DDO!

Now that Mawry is finally done, it is possible to review where she’s been. And oh, what a convoluted path she’s followed.

Life 1: Ranger
Mawry’s original build was a Ranger13/Fighter6/Wizard1 generalist that could do everything a party might need except hold agro. Absolutely end-game able, at least according to the end game of that time.

Mawry the archerLife 2: Favored Soul
I was trying to make this FvS/Ranger into some kind of battlefield medic, one that could range or melee or heal or party support with equal aplomb. But instead I made a mess. My least successful life out of all of them. It could survive the end-game of the day but barely and without much useful contribution.

Life 3: Rogue
A successful mix of Rog13/Rgr6/Monk1, this was also my first ever Armor Class build and wow, a great build! Very successful. I’m not sure how it would translate to the modern game, but it was able to own the end-game of it’s day.

Life 4: Bard
You may have noticed a trend where I splash Ranger into everything. It wasn’t some kind of strategy, it just kept seeming to happen, and happened again here. Except this time, I did it by accident. Really. Thus corrupted, no reason not to go all-in and the build ended up as a Bard14/Rgr6 warchanter. A fun life, if not my most effective, yet still, fun!

Life 5: Monk
The first full-class life, Mawry went all the way to 20 as a Ninja Spy. This incarnation had the best DPS of all, truly fists everywhere, and could hold agro like nobody’s business. It lacked any ability to help a party beyond hitting things and needed to be welded to a healer. But other than that, wow, the DPS! Amazing.

Mawry the BattleclericBattlecleric!

Life 6: Cleric
My silliest build yet, a DEX-based TWF Evasion battle cleric. It actually worked pretty well too. 18 levels of Cleric, 2 levels of Rogue, horrible DPS but coupled with essentially an infinite ability to withstand damage, and min/maxed radiant auras to keep the party up. Odd, but true, and surprisingly effective. Who’d a thunk it?

Life 7: Sorceror
Actually Monk2/Sorceror18, this Evasion acid nuker was quite the standout, and the first of Mawry’s lives that I think would work quite well in the modern end game. Acid rocks!

Mawry with shieldLife 8: Paladin
A tank! Seriously. My first time ever trying out the sword & board life. And I found that I liked it! No DPS but enough of everything else to make it a fun and useful build. Paladin12/Fighter8 and Badass20. I only died twice all life! Twice! Another end-game capable build.

Life 9: Druid
My Gamer Girl designed this Druid20 fast nuking build, and it is the most amazing heroic build of all time. I call it the “Freezer Burn” because a build like this needs a name and I couldn’t think of anything better. Note the first sentence where I said “most amazing heroic build of all time”: I was not being ironic. The build is just that good.

Life 10: Wizard
I think the best end-game wizards are casting wizards. But this is not the end-game, this is Mawry’s 10th life, so instead I made a DEX-based self-healing Eldritch Knight tank. I just wrote about this one yesterday but for those with a terribly short memory, it was a solid build with excellent end-game potential, although some people felt it needed more HP and more agro attractant to be an end-game tank.

And somewhere around here I got itchy. I was tired of building Mawry, I wanted to play her. In epics. But four-and-a-half years later I was only 77% complete. Only three lives remained, but … itchiness and an assortment of vaguely unsettling developments convinced me that it was time to get this project wrapped and move on.

And so I did.

Life 11: Barbarian
I only played this one for the last 300K XP. It was great at the Orchard, Vale and Shavarath adventure areas and quests but that is really not enough to give me much information about the build quality. On the other hand, how wrong can you go with lots of STR, CON and rage?

Life 12: Artificer
The gods of whimsy make me pay an unexpected price on this one as I screw up my use of the Heroic Stone of Experience and have to earn over a million XP on my own. So I really did play this build in spite of my best efforts not to. I already have a caster-focused Artificer (and OMG that one is so effective!), so I decided to go a different route and make this one repeater-focused.

As one would expect, the heavy repeater dominated early content but failed to scale and was feeling pretty anemic while we were running the CR21 quests in Eveningstar. The build was adequate to the task of heroic leveling but I wouldn’t recommend it in Epics.

Life 13: Fighter
A properly-executed Stone jumped me all the way up and all I had to do was cruise some outdoor slayers/rares/explorers to finish her off. She seemed pretty effective, but against Normal creatures everyone is, and again, how wrong can one go with STR, CON, and tactics?

And now we are back to where we started, a Ranger, working her way up into a TWF end game character that will (hopefully) be able to do anything a party needs, effectively, except hold agro like a tank.


At last.

I should probably feel badly about the 2.5 levels I bought, but I don’t. It was time to be finished with this. I should probably feel giddy with excitement after all this time, but I don’t. Sure, I am happy about it, but it is happiness mixed with relief.


At last.


Now how do I build an end-game Ranger? Hmmm, this could be fun!

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. πŸ™‚ Congraz again. It was a nice read.

  2. 12 Ranger, 6 Monk, 2 Fighter/2 Pally aka Monkcher = You win DDO!

  3. No triple completionist? πŸ™‚ Noob.

  4. Of course, NOW you can work at the Epic Completionist feat, too…

    …just sayin’…

  5. Warforged/human pure ranger tempest dual weild khopeshs take all the dodge feats and have a high dex good con high str with the needed wisdom and average intell get vampiric khopeshs from demon assult good dodge reflex and evasion with high hp take oversized twf focus slashing inproved critical slashing power critical khopesh proficiency take epic critical haste feat prr feat and a prr/melle power legendary feat

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