Oct 012009

First the results: gallery Visual  Musings, containing my favorite images from three years of DDO play. Now the rest:

The gallery control is – as I have come to expect from myDDO – ridiculously easy and at the same time unexpectedly weird and difficult to figure out.

  • Easy: Drop the widget on your page, click Upload, and voila, instant images
  • Unexpectedly weird: Only four or five images. So limited. And not clearly linked to your main page
  • Difficult to figure out: multiple editing and options controls spread out over several admin pages

Seriously this deserves its own walkthrough, but I used up all of my reserved posts in the user guide thread. After all my configuring it is still not behaving the way I would like. For instance, the gallery page should have appeared on myDDO home as a journal entry. And there should be a link on the gallery control that jumps to the gallery page.

And yet, coolness exists in spite of the shortcomings and awkwardness. I really like the random thumbnails option. I refreshed my page several times just to see which images the control would choose to display.

How many times do you have to refresh your own page before you are officially a blog narcissist? 🙂

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  1. it is setup rather odd, I agree. Even though I now know where to find all of the things I need to use, I still find it confusing.


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